The dream becomes reality... - ANNUAL COSTUME FEST
The dream becomes reality... -
Third Week of the Summer Holidays

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in costume to get together to dress up, dress up your tent and enjoy living for a weekend with like minded people.  Re-enactors and LRPers can come together, all genres can come together and enjoy a weekend of shopping and having fun.

Come and use your things and enjoy them for a weekend!  

As has been written about in "No Strings Attached", Widget and Gadget the Frixians have a Time, Space and Dimension Travelling Space Craft.  So they are travelling the Universes to bring people together for a weekend a year to share ideas and to have fun.  So that explains why every genre and era can come together.


The site itself is post Medieval.  The Earthworks are all that remain of what was a Motte and Bailey and the proceeds from this event will be for the Trust which is being set up to authentically reconstruct various aspects of the site.  

Obviously the first year this place will be just a couple of fields.  We need the funds from the Fest to pay for the materials to be able to put in the authentic fencing to be able to have the Arapawa Goats in the area.  

We need help to put in an authentic Vegetable Patch and if we can get the planning (if necessary) to be able to put in authentic buildings such as a roundhouse which can be used by those who come here.  All that takes money in this day and age so we need to fundraise.  

The minimum for a Trade Stand is £30 a day.  Camping is £15 a day for visitors.  The weekend is the main event but if visitors want to make it a week's holiday then it is just £15 a day each.  

It would look really good if we can keep different eras of tent and costume wearing people together.  i.e. a Medieval Area, a Futuristic Area.

Live Roleplaying

If groups are interested in putting on a linear or adventure to showcase what they do then they would be very welcome.  Obviously as we are having re-enactors in the same field as roleplayers and some people will have metal weapons we cannot have any fights etc in the camping or trading area.  

In Hidden Valley we can have a live roleplaying area where people can LRP and run these mini adventures.  If groups could loan the re-enactors latex weaponry if they don't have any perhaps they could join in too.

We would welcome the re-enactors putting on a battle or displays for the LRPers as well.  In the Medieval Area or other era area we would welcome these camps being set up in an authentic way.  Anyone with an authentic tent is welcome to camp in these areas.  Anyone with a modern day tent would be welcome to camp in that area.  That will keep various areas as authentic as possible and we would like you to really feel like you are walking into these eras of history or future.

There are about four acres in the bottom field and a couple in the top field so plenty of space for setting up things.  Also, those who are setting up props and helping us to make this look fantastic are welcome to arrive in advance.

Hopefully this will develop into an annual opportunity for players and enthusiasts to get together and in the process help us with some finance so that we can make this place great for the general public.  Obviously as the facilities improve they will be there for you to enjoy on your visits as well.

We are hoping to open the Old Castle to the public on occasion for specific days.  It won't be open all the time as the goats need to go out sometime (everything will have to be goat proof!).  When we have "Open Days" we welcome helpers to come and live in character for the weekend, week or day.  Basically we would like to create a living history village (be it tents or if we can get them built authentic buildings).  The public can come and see it during the day but in the evening we are welcome to have fun, sit around the camp fire and enjoy "being" in the environment.

This place is a great gift and we are very honoured to be able to offer this.  It is a place that has almost been a secret for many years as it has been privately owned and the owner has kept it to themselves.  We feel we have a responsibility to offer this portion of history to be shared.  But, please remember that everything costs money.  We put a lot into buying this (pretty much all we had) and it does cost to develop and maintain it.  Similarly with the historic animals.  If they are going to live here and not be "for profit" they will have to be fed.  We are custodians and we are happy to share what we have but please respect it.  It is all being put into Trust so that long after we are gone everything can continue.  So please help us make this place something to last for years to come.  Obviously please respect it while you are here too!

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