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About Us

Eden Dream started in 1984 with a shop in London which shared ideas.  It was also a web site and has continued as one for many years.  We have now bought Old Castle (an old earthworks and farm) at Llangain and we are now in a position to make people's dreams a reality.

Back in the dark annals of time Angela worked in London.  There is nothing wrong with working in London.  It is a lovely place full of bright lights, amazing people and great productivity.  It is a place of great restaurants and entertainment.  It is a place where people can do well for themselves and meet people and have a life...

Back in history Angela went to some great schools and met some great people.  It was a natural progression to get qualifications, get a job, get a family and get a life.  But, that has never been the way of things.  There was a truth that had to be told and that truth had to be spoken.  It was a thought from a very young age, an understanding that would not leave her alone to a happy life of all the luxury that London can offer.

The truth was that there is more out there.  It was an unfulfilled feeling of something "missing" that had been there.  It was a feeling of so much more.  The questions were answered at the College of Psychic Studies and from that point it made sense to do something about it.

So the Eden Dream shop was opened.  It was a bit of a half cocked idea that was a bit before its time as it opened in the evening.  It was able to be so many things but as it could only be open in the evening it became a place where the information was but people didn't really come that much.  The right ones did and it was a stepping stone.

It became a web site for many years and when the Aberystwyth Project started it was there again.  But again the time wasn't right.  Two halves of a partnership have to want the same thing and when one half didn't it made it impossible for anything to succeed.  Eden Dream had to tread water but through that time lessons were learnt and finally the decision was taken to relocate and start again.

So, down to Carmarthen we all came.  A right little Ark of animals, books and things to take up residence in a place that had been a farm for many years and then a place where horses grazed.  Nobody seemed to think it was important that it was an Old Castle.  But then to farmers who just want to use the land it would probably have been more of a bind than a benefit.

It is like a little hidden secret that has waited to be found.  It is ancient, well post Medieval but built by the Lord Of Llangain and I can't find much more than that.  But, that is enough.  The earthworks are here and the history which should be preserved.  If we don't look after our past and learn from it how can we avoid the mistakes in the future.

I am writing this in November 2017.  We have been here a few months and we are starting to try to find the people who will make this place work.  Up to this point our progress has been hampered by problems that needed to be sorted out.  Just getting a feel for the land was enough, there was no need to rush.  The animals have the barn, there was a need to get the doors on quickly but they now have more room than they need so a rainy day doesn't bother them.  

Now it is time to move on with the ideas.  

This is a place to be shared and we are merely custodians of it.  The Trust makes sense for the Living History and Arts Projects as we are being offered money and we don't want to take it without it being accounted for and a Trust.  Also, we want it to last much longer than we do.  

The Smallholding is being set up by Eden Dream.  It is a place for positivity and for those who are prepared to work to be rewarded.  There is no such thing as a free lunch but those who are prepared to get off of their backsides and do something should reap the benefits.  

Positive people who may not have the time for a full time commitment to Smallholding but who have the dream should have the opportunity.  We are in a position to give them that opportunity.  We value the positive nature of humanity and respect that some people cannot just give it all up and buy a Smallholding.  Well here you don't have to.  As long as the time commitment is honoured that time can be after work, before work or on days off and weekends.  

Many Smallholders work.  Anyone who had ever had anything to do with the running of a Smallholding will know that it costs a lot to keep one going and sometimes it can just be a lifestyle choice as taking it to the next level requires a lot of manpower.  So, by sharing it we are putting our Members in the position of being able to take it to the next level in a realistic and amusing way.

Dreams are wonderful things but sometimes they need to stay dreams.  This will sort out the dreamers from the realists.  Animals need feeding in all weathers and if it is your time to come and feed them, they will have to be fed.  This is a lesson we have all learnt.

The story of Eden Dream has been the story of my life.  It has been a dedication I was not prepared to sacrifice.  I might have hidden it but it has always been there, like a duty I was born to do.  Everything has been a lesson, even the back injury and the hip replacement.  I know what it is like to be disabled but I also know how to get over the problems that disability can bring and the determination it takes not to just give up and let everyone do things for you, or at least to aim for that.

I once was in a situation where I had to ask everyone for help and to pay for what help I could not get for free just to keep the animals alive.  At that point you are totally at the mercy of others and if they don't do a good job, you will get the blame.  However much money you have thrown at making things right.

So, there is an understanding now that many hands make light work.  If you are disabled, so what?  There is a place for you and you can do what you can do.  If you can dig you can dig.  If you can do other jobs you can do other jobs.  All parts make the whole and every cog is important.  Today you may be struggling, tomorrow you may not.  

I thought once that there was no way forwards and that I'd never manage to do what I'm doing today.  I could hardly walk upstairs, I had to crawl.  I had to sleep on the sofa as I couldn't get upstairs.  But, the years passed and I didn't give up.  They gave me a hip replacement.  That won't help the back but, if you are going to hurt anyway you might as well enjoy life as long as it will do no more harm.  You'd hurt sitting in a chair and that is just boring!

There was a time when I nearly gave up.  It was a crossroads.  I'd just had my hip replaced and I was sitting in a chair in my mother's cottage.  I was looking for an answer and it came instantly.  Ok coincidence but I like it.  Glastonbury was on and U2 came on singing Jerusalem and Where the Streets have no name...  perfect.  That kicked me up the backside and made me thing, why not?  Keep going and the answers will come.

Now I think it is more Killing Joke and Wardance that is inspiring me.  I'll put a link to it here if it gets ok'd.

Never give up.
Never surrender
Sometimes there needs to be a tactical retreat
but don't forget what you believe in
and make it so...

Eden Dream is a company that organises events and tries to promote sustainable ideas alongside a sustainable way of living.  We are happy to take on new ideas and to try to organise some fun ways for people to actually get together in a world where it is easier to sit typing on a computer.

It is also a Trust which is setting up the LIVING HISTORY and STORYTELLING, CREATIVE side of the area known as Old Castle.

We have ideas and we try to make them happen.

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