The dream becomes reality... - CSH BREAD & Heritage Wheat
The dream becomes reality... -

If we can grow our own wheat then we can make our own bread.  There is an article in Home Farmer Issue 116 about this and if there is interest we could start to grow our own wheat which in time could be made into bread.

Getting the Heritage Wheat Seed is not easy.  It is possible to get a bit of it and we would have to build up from there.  If there is interest I will try to get hold of some seed for us and we can set aside a field for the Wheat which will also provide straw for growing strawberries.

It would be a commitment as there is very little of this wheat available to get started and we would have to commit to develop it and hopefully bake bread later on and promote Heritage Wheat.

If an area can be properly and authentically fenced then it would be possible to start building up our own seed bank to be able to grow enough wheat for bread etc.  

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