The dream becomes reality... - CSH BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY
The dream becomes reality... -

The difference between the Community Shared Smallholding and an Allotment is that Members can set this up as a profit making enterprise if they can produce more products than are needed by the Members.

Members can sell their share of vegetables etc.

Members can also benefit from produce sold that is not needed by the Members i.e. if we grow more than we need.  We can also produce products from the produce.  

If we are selling to people other than Members then the profits from these sales come off of the Members' Membership Fees.  So if those profits are greater than the amount paid in a month, everyone gets free Membership.  If the profits are greater than the Membership Fees then Members get a share of that money.

We have various proposals which we will not discuss here which have  the potential to be very lucrative for Members.  

Membership is for a Year.  You can pay monthly as we are hoping that profits some months will be greater than the Membership fees.  If you pay annually that will give us the funds to develop some of the more lucrative business propositions early.  That is why the Founder Members have greater benefits.  

Once we have Members on board we can work on a Business Plan for those who want to be involved in the Business side of the shared smallholding.

Members who do not want to be involved in the Business side of the Holding and who would be happy just to grow vegetables, keep animals and have their share for a Membership Fee are very welcome to.  Those Members would NOT be expected to man a Farmers' Market Stall or be involved in any manufacturing from produce created by the Smallholding.

Members who do want to be involved in the Business side of the Holding would be expected to be fully involved in the creation of that Business including manning a Farmers' Market Stall etc.

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