The dream becomes reality... - CSH Composting Toilet
The dream becomes reality... -

It makes sense for the Community Smallholding to have a Composting Toilet.  This will have to be built.  We are happy to provide the timber for this and we have books on the subject.

We have been looking at the site and the best place to locate this would be at the end of the big barn.  It would mean walking from the Smallholding but that isn't far.  It may be that this could be a shared project with the Living History people.  

It is also possible if we have enthusiastic people that a Solar Shower could be included in the building.  We'll provide gravel for a path so that it is easy to get to the toilet without walking on the mud.  

What we are proposing is a "Long Drop" Composting toilet.  That means building somewhere with about six feet underneath it so that there can be a catchment area.  As you probably know the toilet is used for a year and then the next box is used.  The manure in the first box matures for a year and then when the next box has been used for a year we return to the first box.  The first box by then will have some well rotted compost for use on the Orchard and the second box can mature for a year before we move on to that box and so it continues...  I know, poo conversation!

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