The dream becomes reality... - CSH Crafts
The dream becomes reality... -

The Smallholding is an ideal place to provide materials for crafts.  Birds shed feathers, sheep shed wool and there is also a woodland so that provides all manner of twigs and wood for projects.  It is possible to plant and grow craft materials and the animals can provide leather and other materials for craft purposes if there is an interest.

We have a good selection of books on many craft subjects as well as materials and equipment for craft purposes.

It may not be possible to have a workshop to start with but if there is enough interest it may be possible to put in a workshop on site for people to do crafts projects.  

Willow could be planted for basketry.
A kiln could be built for pottery.
We have most of a spinning wheel which needs fixing
Dying and Weaving, i have some block weaving blocks
Curing and Tanning

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