The dream becomes reality... - CSH Goats
The dream becomes reality... -

We have goats on the main holding but some can live on the Community Smallholding so that the members can enjoy keeping them.  

We propose keeping the two herds separate as it would be disruptive for them to be moved about too much.  The CASH has a good buck in Jareth.  He is a pure bred Anglo Nubian, pedigree and registered with the British Goat Society.  His offspring will provide high fat milk for making cheese etc.  The holding also has Black Star who is Anglo Nubian cross Arapawa.  Arapawa goat milk is high in butterfat so even better for giving good milk.  

That gives the holding the opportunity to breed their own stock for the future, putting the offspring from one buck with the other the next year.

Pet's Corner

Goats are the most amazing creatures and it would be great to have the three wethers in a Pet's Corner.  Athos, Porthos and Aramis would love to be pet's but shall we make this more interesting?  How about goat racing.  Three goats, three teams and the goats could be trained to jump little jumps, go in and out of poles and run in a race with their goat handlers.  There is nothing cruel about this as they would be with their handler at all times in the race, having fun.  An annual race with a trophy could be a bit of fun.

The boys can live in pet's Corner and be cared for and enjoyed by any children or adults who want to.

Cheese etc

If cheese is going to be sold there is a lot of legislation that has to be complied with.  We would suggest that if the cheese is made that it is done at home from the milk from the goats.  Otherwise there is a gas ring that can be used and we have the cheese making equipment and books.

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