The dream becomes reality... - CSH MEMBERSHIP
The dream becomes reality... -
Shared Smallholding Membership
Members are welcome to join for a year but pay monthly to spread the payment.  For this you share the smallholding.  That doesn't mean that everyone has to dig.  Those who are able to dig, dig, those who can do other things do other things.  We keep it fun and the more people  involved the easier it is and the better it is.  

Running a Smallholding is expensive and the Membership Fees go to pay for Animal Feed, Materials and other expenses.  

We feel that the Membership Fees are fair.  We will develop the smallholding as the Fees come in and the facilities will obviously get better as we move along.  This is something we hope you will love and enjoy doing.  It will be rewarding with the produce but also the happy fun times spent with the animals and growing the vegetables.

Membership is for one person but you can bring your family along.  You only get one share but the more the merrier when it comes to people helping out and enjoying working on the land.  The more people helping, the easier it is!

Unlike an Allotment, Members can sell their share of the produce if they don't want to use it.  Excess produce can also be sold and the profits shared between the Members by way of being offset against Membership Fees.  So membership could be free if the Smallholding becomes economically viable.  

We are also proposing making some of the excess produce into products which can be sold by the Smallholding.  This will add to the Smallholding's income and all proceeds will be shared between the Members.

Pulling your Weight, that is something we don't want to hear as we expect everyone to want to do this.  Not everyone can dig but there are many jobs on a smallholding and when it comes to the bigger jobs everyone can play their part.  The commitment is fairly low, just two days a month but you can put as much time in as you like.  You can be here every day if you want to be.  There are plenty of jobs to do and weeding is much easier if there are more hands on deck to pull up the weeds and feed them to the goats or pigs.  So even weeding can be fun.

In time if we make a profit this can be divided between the Members.  This is what a smallholding is all about.  If the Members are behind the idea and we want to expand beyond just supplying the Members this can happen.  The animals will need feeding and we may need extra equipment.  These expenses will of course come out of the profits but excess profits can be taken off of Members' Fees.  

We need members to join early in the year.  There are only a limited number of memberships available so anyone who wants to join later in the year i.e. the Summer may not be able to until the following January or when there is a space available.  So waiting for a Membership until the weather is warmer may mean you don't get a Membership at all.

Founder Members are Members who join now, right at the start.  They will have the benefit of being able to help to set up any rules and have a say on the set up of the Smallholding.  In the years to come they will have first say on any decisions made by the Holding.  The owners of the Smallholding do have the final decision or we could be tied up in discussions forever and never get anything done!

We have decided that although the format works well for Hempstals Farm we would like to alter our pricing.  That farm is in Carmbridge.  We feel that what we are charging is fair as it has to pay for equipment, materials, animal feed and purchasing animals as well as a ground rent.  The equipment is no cheaper here and the overheads are the same.  But, we feel that salaries are lower and we may have to rely on donations of equipment and finding some of it in Freecycle etc.


November 2017 - February 2018 no fees are payable by Founder Members.  From 1 February 2018 fees are payable monthly or annually by Direct Debit.  Membership fees are due for the year when you join up.  Founder members are signing up for a year but they will be getting the months until February free.  Their next annual fees date would be the 1st February 2019.  Basically anyone who joins before February gets extra months for free.


A membership can be taken up by one member of the family but all members of the family can come along and help for the same price.  The member only gets one share.  If the member wants a greater share then that can be arranged with discussion with the Founder Members and Community Smallholding Owner.


If you are not physically able to work or you live too far away for a Full Membership we are offering a Non Physical Membership.  This entitles you to the same benefits as a Half Share but you pay a Monthly Membership of £55.  Your membership fee goes to pay for a paid grower to assist with setting up and running the Smallholding.

This is to help us start up as we need to be up and running.  Many people have contacted us to say they live too far away.  We can send food by courier so we can easily arrange this.



  • Weekly Veg Box
  • Half Dozen Eggs a week
  • A whole pig
  • A Christmas Bird
  • Goats Milk (if available)
  • Cheese (if available)
  • Honey (if available)
  • Pumpkin for Halloween
  • Turkey for Easter
  • Access to the pet area for children
  • A commitment to a minimum of two work sessions per calendar month (BST) and one session per month during the winter from each family.  This can be split over evenings.
  • A monthly subscription of £55


  • A fortnightly veg box
  • A half dozen eggs every fortnight
  • Half a pig
  • A Christmas Bird
  • Goats Milk
  • Cheese
  • Honey
  • Pumpkin for Halloween
  • Turkey for Easter
  • A commitment to two work sessions per calendar month and one session per month during the winter from each family
  • A monthly subscription of £35


  • A weekly veg box
  • Half a dozen eggs a week
  • 4 pints of goats milk a week (self milked)
  • Goats Cheese
  • Honey
  • Pumpkin for Halloween
  • A commitment of two work sessions per calendar month (BST) and one session per month during the winter
  • A monthly subscription of £25


For £10 a month you can visit on any Saturday work days and lend a hand.  We will send you away with a veg box including eggs and goats cheese if available.  There is no commitment to come.


For a donation you are welcome to come and help out on work days.  It is up to the members as to what reward you get.  Or you can donate an annual amount to help to keep this going.


If you would like to sign up for this please get in touch at

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