The dream becomes reality... - CSH Orchard
The dream becomes reality... -

We have an area away from the main CSH Field which could be set up as an orchard.  The orchard was originally conceived to provide cherries for the Goat Ice Cream but thankfully I had the foresight to buy a few apple trees as well.  


I'm writing this just after Halloween and I had the idea that we could grow apples to make toffee apples and other types of dipped apples to sell at Farmers Markets around Halloween.

This has to be a long term plan.  The trees we have so far are about 2-3 years old.  We bought them from Morrisons and Charlies and we've had them in big pots over the Summer to get them a year ahead growing.  They will be "sleeping" soon so they can go in and the orchard can be created.  

If there is enough interest we could invest in some "older" trees.  Trees have to be about eight years old I think before they give any fruit.  So this would have to be one of our more long-term commitments.


We have a few cherry trees ready for planting.  They are young but when they grow they will produce some amazing blossom in the spring as well as cherries which could be used for Jam, Ice Cream and many other purposes.

It is a longer term plan, but we do have to plan for the future.

We have some trees we have started off.  They are waiting to be planted but we wanted to make sure where they were going before we took the step of digging them in.  
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