The dream becomes reality... - CSH Pet Area
The dream becomes reality... -

This has to be agreed by all the Founder Members but there could be room for a small area for pet animals for Children who come along to help and adults who can't have pets at their own home.

If there is a willingness to look after these animals then we could give a forever home to rabbits, guinea pigs and other pet animals.

The area would have to be kept clean and tidy.  The housing would have to be well made and possibly a good outer fence put in so that foxes can't get in and so that the children can play with the animals without the fear that if they accidentally let something out it will run away!

We will have goat kids to be fed when they are born in July/August and possibly bottle lambs should any of the sheep reject any.  If they don't then we will go and get one and it can be raised on the goat milk if anyone wants to raise one.  

We have enough dogs here who would love to be with people on the plot but members are welcome to bring their own dogs as long as they are kept under control.

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