The dream becomes reality... - CSH Pumpkins and Squash
The dream becomes reality... -

I'm typing this just after Halloween.  Hopefully next year the Members will have their own pumpkin to carve for the celebrations.  

We have kept the seeds from the pumpkin.  We have a good quantity for the members.  


Any Member can take part.  The seeds are all from the same pumpkin so there is a level playing field.  We could set aside a portion of the smallholding for growing Halloween Pumpkins.  Each Member could have one or two seeds to plant and look after themselves and then at Halloween we could see who has grown the heaviest pumpkin.

Then of course there has to be the Pumpkin Carving Competition.  This is a prize for the best carved pumpkin.  Members can carve their pumpkin and put them on our Facebook page and we will invite people to vote for their favourite.

We can arrange prizes....


Other squash could be grown if they are enjoyed or for sale.  There is a good article in Home Farmer Issue 116 Page 30.  The recipes are all for eating straight away but is there a way of making Pumpkin Chutney?  I will look it up.

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