The dream becomes reality... - CSH Turkeys & Geese
The dream becomes reality... -

Every member is entitled to raise a Christmas bird.  We would suggest that these are hatched and raised from the egg.  We may also want to raise some extra for sale.

The Turkeys and Geese on the Smallholding are for butchery but it those on the Living History side would be for raising, particularly if we get a Heritage Breed.  They can also provide the eggs for hatching.

There will also be a good supply of feathers which could be used for craft work.  We could make some dream webs and hanging mobiles and possibly quills for pens.

Turkeys were originally bred to be ornamental and pets.  If we are going to raise turkeys then it may be a lovely idea to keep "parent birds" who can live a long and happy life.  Their eggs can then be hatched.  

Getting eggs sent by post is always a risky business.  They often get bounced in the post so giving a forever home to the parents will cut down this loss.  

We have a book on Heritage Turkeys and the choice of type of bird to keep will have to be the decision of the Founder Members.

Geese also are long lived so if it is a good idea to keep "parent birds" this may also be a good idea and let them hatch the babies.  

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