The dream becomes reality... - CSH Vegetable Patch
The dream becomes reality... -

We have many gardening books and magazines which will be available for members to borrow to look things up.  We also hope that the wealth of knowledge that comes from what members know and what they can find on the internet should solve most problems.

We hope that in the future this page will be full of what our members are doing on the plot but to get it started here are a few ideas.

There is an interesting article in Home Farmer Issue 116, November 2017 about "To dig or not to dig" starting on page 10.

No dig gardening has always been appealing to me but the choice of how to go about the veg plot will be the decision of the members.  As it is a large area it is also possible to trial different methods.  There are pigs available for the initial ground clearance so we would suggest that the first job is to fence the veg plot very well which will initially keep the pigs in but later it will keep any goats or other animals who may escape out!


When paid memberships start coming in we will be able to invest in a polytunnel for the plot.  There are regulations we have to comply with and I don't know at the time of writing this whether we need planning permission.  If we do we can apply for it.

It won't matter this year as we are only preparing the land when we get members but next year hopefully we will have a thriving plot and the polytunnel will keep things going through the winter.

We have a good selection of books including one about a four season harvest so hopefully this section will grow with ideas and photos of things as they grow which can be an inspiration to others (or just fun).


We have a selection of Vegetable Seed already and we would put forward the idea of using The Real Seed Company who sell seed which can be seed harvested.  So we only have to buy seed the first year.  Seed can be harvested and if we have spare seed we could start a SEED BANK.

All the usual suspects of vegetables can be grown and Members can have their own vegetable boxes when the vegetables are grown.  


To start with we will have to get in a rhythm with the seasons for the Members to have a regular supply of vegetables.  It is also proposed to have a small edible flower garden which will also be a lovely place to sit.

For the first year what will be available will rely on when things get planted which relies on when we get members.  Crops like Asparagus will take three years to be ready but when we get that far it will be lovely to have that fresh as well.


We have a selection of books and magazines which will help with growing the vegetables.  


We hope that there will be loads of photographs of work as it progresses and the vegetables that are being grown.  We are the start of something exciting and practical.  Facebook offers the perfect place to put photos (and here!).

I'm looking through magazines so I thought it might be useful to put a guide to articles on growing various vegetables.  We also have a good selection of books, info in the Library section.

Home Farmer Issue 111 June 2017
:Grow Great Beans Page 10
Carrots Page 16
Sweetcorn Page 18
Dandelion Page 30
Lemon Balm Page 34
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