The dream becomes reality... - CUSTOMER MEMBERSHIP
The dream becomes reality... -

Unlike an allotment our smallholding can sell excess produce or even produce excess to sell.

We are offering a CUSTOMER MEMBERSHIP which is FREE. 

Members who have this Membership can arrange to have veg boxes or cuts of meat when an animal goes to slaughter if there is spare produce available.  You pay the cost of the box being sent to you plus courier fees or you can come and collect your purchases.

You don't have to do anything if you are a Member but you would be welcome if we run any "in house events" such as a BBQ.  You will also be emailed a regular list of any excess produce which is available for sale on a first come, first served basis.

Any excess which is not sold in this way will be the basis for our stall at a Farmers Market when all this lovely produce is ready for sale.

Obviously at this time of the year we are setting up so there are no vegetables available.  2018 will be completely different!

We are happy for Restaurants and Caterers to order vegetables and meat from our smallholding.  We will happily raise animals and vegetables for you.

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