The dream becomes reality... - Chronicles of Widget
The dream becomes reality... -

The compilation of the individual booklets into one NOVEL

PROLOGUE   The warm breeze barely moved the crunchy purple leaves.  Somewhere in the distance there could be heard the baying of the Eloxivus, a rare beast hardly ever seen near to the town of Derox on the Planet Eldanista.  She was a visitor here, escaped from a travelling band of entertainers who had been careless enough to leave the gate of her cage unlatched.  Now she is free to roam and she had spent nearly a week making the most of it.   To the north a band of hunters flew their hover boards above the ancient Deraxian Forest.  The purple trees pointed accusingly at the turquoise sky where the twin orange suns of Edris and Nedris moved thoughtfully along their usual path.  Their scent carried on the mighty Shelocko wind, bringing a warning to the peaceful creature and ending her peaceful contemplation of rich pasture and clear air without the bounds of the all too small cage they had kept her in.  In her frustration she cried out.  Not necessarily for help but because she knew her freedom would soon end.  Nobody evaded those hunters for long.  They had caught her long ago and taken her from her family and friends.  They would catch her again and the memory of the vicious sinewic whips that snaked around limbs, shocking and debilitating, were still raw in her mind despite the years she had spent in captivity.    Del, the Frixian, sat on a log, mind wandering, body tired with nothing to do, nowhere to go and enjoying a day off from work.  Her time was her own and she wanted to use it doing nothing.  Her long curly blonde hair blew around her face, catching momentarily around her long pointed ears which keenly turned from left to right, casually enjoying the sounds of the wild.  That was until she heard the cry of the Eloxivus.  Not that she knew what it was.  It was a plaintive cry, a sound that seemed to demand action and action was the one thing she did not want on her day off.  But it did sound rather important.   She got up, she walked a few paces and then she saw the beast.  Its long sinuous neck swayed from side to side.  A tiny head with long pointed nose and long velvety ears looked at her.  The creature’s eyes were beady bright, it’s teeth pointily long in a very unthreatening way despite their length.  It’s body was elegant, long and thin with a prehensile tail almost as long as its neck.  Long legs raised this body high above the tiny Frixian who suddenly felt very, very small in the shadow of the colossal creature.   Del stopped moving and looked up at the huge beast as the creature lowered her neck down to look at the tiny Frixian.  Her bright eyes reflected her confusion at seeing the tiny creature and she hesitated as she tried to decide whether to run away or not.    Del smiled and projected a telepathic message as she had no idea if the creature understood Frixian and she didn’t want to scare the beast away.  “Who are you and why are you here as I haven’t seen a creature like you before”.    The words appeared in the creature’s mind and that made her jump.  “I’m Eethia.  I’m lost.  I escaped.  I’m free.  There are hunters out there, they want to catch me.  I don’t want to be caught.  They will hurt me and put me in a painful, lonely and dark place.”   Del thought for a moment.  “If that is the case then I won’t let that go on and I won’t let you be captured by them.  I have an idea.  If you agree, I could take you to a place where there are no hunters to hurt you and I could go and find others like you and bring them there too.  Would you like that?”   Eethia thought.  “I would like that very much.”   Del smiled.  “I shall borrow the ship I work on and I will take you there.”   Del walked into the open door of the lone stone building.  Set aside from the mushroom shaped buildings of the rest of the village it should have stood out.  But, the inhabitants were used to it.  None could remember when it arrived and it seemed that nobody was particularly interested in it.  It was a very unnoticeable building on many planets, less so here because of the creative shapes of the rest of the building and other than it was grey in a world of purple and orange.  It looked out of place but everyone seemed to ignore it because they knew what it was.  It was there because the rulers said it should be.  It was there to keep them safe and it was there to help in the war against the Followers.  Many just thought that it was none of their business.  So nobody took any notice when Del the Frixian walked on board the Frixian ship and shut the door.   It wasn’t her ship, it never had been her ship but she knew how to work it and she knew she would bring it back at the very moment on which she had taken it.  Of course that was technically theft but only if they knew about it.  This was something she hoped they would not.   As a fairly senior member of Mission Command she was permitted to operate the ship.  As a humanitarian she felt she had to help this creature.  It was running through her mind and it also ran through her mind how much she used the language of a closed planet so many dimensions away.  A closed planet which was not only the failsafe for the machine she was about to borrow but a world where many of her people had made home.    It was because of them that she had to help this creature.  So many of her people were on Earth trying to fight the anger and depression caused by the Goblians.  Perhaps she should have been one of them but the glory of being part of Mission Command had been far too alluring.  The thrill of visiting new worlds had always attracted her and now that she had worked her way up the ranks she felt she had got somewhere.    She also knew that the rest of the crew who were also having a day off would agree with her that saving these creatures was essential.  To put that through the right channels would cause far too much red tape and probably a political incident when the “owners” tried to claim their property back.  No, it was better this way that she took the ship, relocated them, arrived back just as she’d taken the machine and then she could get on with her day off without anyone knowing what had happened.   She walked inside and began to have doubts as she flipped switches, moved dials and moved the screen dial to highlight the waiting animal.  She pressed a button and the animal disappeared and reappeared in a room on the ship.  She then pressed more buttons and the grey stone building was empty, the ship was gone from inside it.   The moment was barely a breath and the next and the next spanned out into more moments as the ship zipped about the dimensions.  More of the creatures were taken from places they would not be noticed, or more likely were not needed or were unhappy and the ship moved on without moving.  It skipped between the dimensions and with a press of the button the creatures stood together on an open plain, completely confused, completely alone, completely safe and completely suited to their environment.   Del pressed the buttons for home and back to the moment she had left.  She did the checks, the did the calculations and she was about to press the button to go home, just as she was hit from behind with a big stick.  The world went dark as her tiny body slumped to the ground.  She was swiftly picked up by the assailant and carried to the cryogenic unit where they put her inside and froze her before she could wake up and escape.   The man who had knocked Del out smiled as he turned the dial and reset the location.  He also changed the command protocols while he still had the login from Del and made himself commander of the ship.  So, from that point it was his ship and he could take it where he wished.  He pressed the button and the ship began to move through the dimensions.   Del didn’t wake up in the cryogenic unit as the cryogenic unit kept her asleep.  She dreamed her way through time as the ship she had unwittingly stolen for the thieves was used for many different things that she knew nothing about.  The spirits of her children were born while she was in the unit, unattached to her spirit which was bound to the sleeping body they were able to leave the unit.  There was nothing of them to freeze as they had no body, so they were free.    The two children spirits were absorbed into the Shinuvrian Eggs that were always kept on board the ships.  They developed along with the spirit body that was in there unknown to the thieves and when the time was right they hatched.    They were babies and didn’t know much about anything as they had not been able to have the telepathic link with their mother which would have been normal.  So when they met with the Kilurian who had stolen the ship they didn’t know to run away.  So they were caught and they too ended up in the cryogenic unit, bound with their new bodies.    The years passed by and the ship moved on.  Many of the cryogenic units were emptied, including the one containing their mother and they were eventually awakened by their captors when there was a serious problem with the ship which could only be repaired by a Frixian.   They didn’t know that they were prisoners or their story so when they were asked to help they happily set about looking after the ship.  They fixed it, they maintained it and they lived for nearly a thousand years as the unpaid mechanics in harmony with the machine.    The years passed by and one day their new masters put them into the cryogenic unit as well.  That was where they remained until the ship ran out of power and the cryogenic unit released them.   The two spirits were Widget and Gadget…  They never met their mother or their father and they never knew their homeland.
Part 1: A Weaver of Dreams
A Weaver of Dreams by Nat King Cole
I looked beyond the mountain
And what did I see
A whole world of mystery
Just waiting for me.
So I picked up a computer
With words so much was meant
I wrote them on the keyboard
Until my time was spent
I had to do it quickly
So I was not found out
So I tapped and tapped on the keyboard
That is how the words came about…
I’m not a greatsy author, like all you bigsy ones
I’m just a little creature who found a way to write
So please forgive the typos and anything misspelt
For this is not my language and I write it as it is felt…
I tap on the computer, just because I can
I check out all the emails, but there is too much spam
So I thought I’d put my words here,
just because I might
So I put my words here, and perhaps they’ll be just right
I’m not a greatsy poet, or a writer strong and true
I’m just a little elfy thing, who found a laptop blue
So I tapped out many, many words,
Well perhaps only just a few
But you will know their meaning
And that they were meant for you…
The sounds of night woke me from sleeping.  Wind howled like a ravening beast, clawing at the metal roof and stone walls and making the windows rattle.  I went to the window and looked out over the valley.  The light in the distance shone brightly, just a single light but a lighthouse in the dark.  I’ve never met the neighbours who live there but just seeing the light means that they are out there in the inky blackness. 
In the valley I can imagine animals seeking shelter under trees.  Up in the field, way up above the house and my little home, the goats have probably been woken by the sound of the wind.  In quiet contemplation I can imagine them chewing the cud and snuggling up together, calling occasionally to those they cannot see as they are in the other building.  Talking to each other and reassuring each other that all is well.
I can imagine, Symbel, the oldest, looking around the shed.  Her white head illuminated by the moonlight filtering through the roof light, showing off the white of her coat and highlighting the grey shady stripe down her back testament to her British Alpine father.  That is it you see, they aren’t just goats, they are different breeds of goats.  Symbel looks like what they call a British Saanan.  An odd name but it sounds a bit like a bleat.  Her half brother looks like a British Alpine.  He is black with a badger striped head, just like his dad.  I can imagine Symbel up there, her eyes bright and sharp checking that everyone is asleep and safe in their little groups.  Calling to the others in the other goat house, just to know they are still there. 
As the year comes to a close it is time to reflect I suppose, to look back on the events of the year.  It has been a long year and it could be a very dramatic prelude to what is to come. 
The goats have enjoyed going out all summer and investigating the pasture that we own.  Now that the year was coming to an end the excitement of going out every day is over until the spring.  They must be glad as they hear the howling wind signifying the time when they do not go out but can spend their days playing in the shed safe from wind, rain, snow and hail which is just a sound on the roof and walls.
I can imagine the wind as it whips around the goat shed, the barn and down the path past the dog kennels to the little barn which is nestled at the bottom of the hill next to the house.  An invisible force that is only really visible by what it does and what it moves.  It really moves things around as well.  Unforgiving is a good way of putting it.  As I am so small if I was out there I would blow away and be found wet and muddy somewhere unpleasant. 
All around the valley everything is dark, the lights in the house here and the few neighbours’ houses have long been put out as the inhabitants went to bed.  Slowly the valley had slipped into darkness until only the security lights on the buildings that needed them either on as a quiet reassurance or coming on and off when animals and people moved about.  Of course on a night like this where the wind was moving everything around the lights were going on and off.  It was a full moon so the moonlight streamed between the rolling thunderclouds, occasionally illuminating the sleeping world.
This is the time of the night creatures.  They are all out there.  The good and the bad.  The stealthy cats stalked their prey, finding it all the easier as the wind covered any sound.  Somewhere a dog fox barked.  A sound of horror to those who kept chickens in the area.  But, if their keepers were doing their jobs right all these feathered friends would be safely locked up in coops and cages by now.  The dog fox would go hungry or perhaps he’d catch an unwitting rabbit. 
He was a night fox, there were day foxes too but they would not be on his territory by now.  They were town foxes, unable to fight nor forage.  They were the ones that would hang around the farms and pick off an unwitting chicken or goose.  In truth it is a war out there.
Of course there are also Goblians out there.  They won’t come near here as they know I’m here but they are slithering about in the darkness.  Their stench is on the wind, feint but it is out there.  Their subterranean homes out there in the wilds far beyond Llyn Eiddwen Lake in the Common Land where only the wild things go. 
I don’t usually wake up when the infra red light is set off and when the glow illuminates the darkness outside.  Something had awoken me, which is unusual, and I’d looked out into the inky blackness as fast as I could, just as the light went off.  No doubt just Siouxsie Sioux, the black cat, out on her nocturnal mouse hunting missions.  She will keep us safe, us and the animal feed.  Not important to you of course but when you are inhabiting a cloth puppet body like me, things like mice, damp, dirt and other things are immensely important. 
I had better explain.  I hope you don’t mind me writing to you like this but this is how I write, as if I’m talking to you.  I am not an animated inanimate object.  I think there are books about things like that.  I am Widget and the body I use is a puppet.  It is inert most of the time but when I’m inhabiting it the body is awake.  That is when I can physically touch this world, through the puppet.  When I am a spirit, I move around like smokeless smoke with no form or ability to touch anything physical.  Which is amusing but frustrating.  When I am in the body I can move around and do things but even that has its limitations.  Mostly that if someone doesn’t know I’m a spirit and doesn’t believe in me, I can’t move at all.  So to those people I’m just a puppet, all floppy and pointless.
I can’t inhabit any other body or doll.  I had to be bound to this body by the power of the ship that I arrived on.  Even then that was an anomaly when the ship powered down and my Frixian body was destroyed.  Rather than my spirit be lost the ship bound me and my sister into the first available suitable object.  Which happened to be a puppet.
Quite a happy happenstance as we were lucky enough that the new owner of the little barn which is the hiding place for the travelling machine is owned by someone who likes puppets.  Not just likes them but is planning to do things with them professionally.  I, Widget, will be able to go to shows and places and meet people as the puppet and that is marvelous. 
These will be the times when the body’s owner brings the puppet to life by moving it around as a puppet.  She knows we are Frixians and all about us.  She also knows that when we are in a crowd of people who do not believe we are Frixians that I am just a floppy puppet.  But I can talk with her telepathically and that means I can ask what I want to ask and talk to her at least.  That is when we work together.  She moves the body that can’t move when people are looking and I can ask for her to move me and to ask certain questions.  So I am luckier than some and at the moment luckier than most as most have left this world.
Don’t worry, they aren’t dead.  They just aren’t believed in anymore so they left as they didn’t want to be stuck in an inanimate object for a years unwanted in a loft or garage.  Could you imagine that?  It would be horrible.  Imagine seeing things but not being able to do anything, move anywhere or touch anything.  I don’t blame them going.
All Frixians are like that, spirits that are disembodied until they are linked with an inanimate toy or puppet.  This used to be done by The Toymaker but he is long gone.  So now there are just the two of us and we are only here because our spirits were woken up in our travelling device and there happened to be a couple of puppets nearby.  Not something that happens every day so we were very lucky as it was a one in a large number chance. 
Not every adult has a puppet or two hanging around but then not every adult has a small barn on a smallholding in the middle of the countryside in Mid Wales.  Not everyone of course has a camouflaged time, space and dimension travelling vehicle just out of dimension in their back garden either. 
Thankfully the owner has a good imagination and was able to cope with this but the day I first spoke to her was priceless.  She nearly dropped me and wasn’t altogether convinced by my arguments that I wasn’t a demonic spirit inhabiting her toy.  Not that the puppet is a toy, it is a working toy.  It is supposed to visit places and entertain children and adults. 
So that is why we are incorporating the reality of the ship into the magical world of the stories and appearances and fun that is what is going on around here.  This is all mixed up with the real things that are happening in our battle against the Goblians.
So you know that I am a Frixian.  You know that I came here with a time, space and dimension travelling device and you know that I have a sister called Gadget.  So you know there are two of us and no more.  What you may not know and I don’t want to scare you but there are loads and loads of Goblians.  Goblians aren’t Frixians, they are nothing like us no matter what many people believe.  They are nasty creatures who feed on anger, spite, jealousy and all those nasty things.  So they have not left the world.  They don’t need bodies in the same way as we do although they have bodies that they do use when they want to do some seriously physical mischief.  Then they take broken and thrown away toys, rubbish and nasty things that have been discarded to make themselves something to move around in. 
They are everywhere and they are getting stronger as they feed on all the hate and violence in the world. 
We are getting fewer, well only two now, as we need toys that are loved and these are getting fewer and fewer.  Where every child used to have lots of soft toys they loved, now they have computer games. 
We have what we call the TAVERN.  In all ways it looks like a little stone barn to the very few people who drive by and the very few people who live in the valley.  That is how it is supposed to look as that is how it has always looked.  It is what is inside that is important.  It isn’t supposed to look like a space ship but that is what it is.  So for so many years it was rebuilt, used and re-used as people lived in the house and moved on.  They didn’t know there was a space ship that was slightly out of step with the dimension as they couldn’t see it.  They didn’t need to believe in it, why would they?  It was only when it was owned by someone with an imagination that we were able to reach out from the cryogenic spirit storing unit and once those words had been heard we could reach out to find something to inhabit assisted by the ship which was powering down.  Of course as soon as it was inhabited again it was able to syphon off some power and start recharging.  This isn’t the normal way for our kind to be created but this was an emergency and the spirit of the TAVERN did what it could.
The building is out of synchronization with the dimension it is in to allow the whole ship to exist in the same space as matter in the world in which it is parked.  It also doesn’t fly much, it just shares the space with what is there already and teleports around the dimensions.  I think that is a word you understand.  The process is different and scientific but the result is the same.  It swaps its position with other “shells” in different times and dimensions and originally it was tied to seven locations across the dimension and universes.  But, recently I’ve been doing some work and I’ve made certain modifications so it can now move to other places and dimensions so that we can explore more places.  This is important as the inter dimension war with the Goblians has become much more intense.  That is what we do you see, we fight the Goblians.
When I am in the TAVERN I don’t have to rely on the body that I use when I am outside the building and in your world as it is in the same dimension as I exist in.  So I can make modifications.  I don’t have to stay in the body but over the years I have got used to it.  When I go outside the building I need the body to be solid as I am slightly out of phase with your dimension.  That is limiting but I have got used to it over the years and I quite like it. 
I have decided to write about what is happening as I am worried about the people of this world.  It has been a busy year and I hope you will be interested in some of the stories about what has happened. 
I am a lucky Frixian as my owner knows I exist and I can live quite happily along with her and her partner.  Gadget is here too but she is very, very shy and would rather that people didn’t know she is around.  I am lucky because I have been allowed to use a laptop.  I’ve found Amazon and I’ve found that I can publish what I write, so I’m going to.  I’m not just playing with the laptop, I am writing and hopefully creating something amusing.  Not all true, I’m going to write some stories too but most of it is true unless I say otherwise.
I may be as small as you or perhaps bigger if you are small or smaller if you are big.  I can touch a tabletop with my hands but I can’t see what is on it without climbing on a chair.  Perhaps that gives you an idea as to how big or small I am.  My puppet has long black curly hair.  A wig my owner sewed on to make me look special.  I have long pointed ears and a cloth body.  I have a big head with a large mouth and big eyes with lashes.  These eyes do not close so I can never look away.  This was very useful on the day I visited the Dr Who Exhibition as those Blinking Angels weren’t going to get me!  I have a suitcase of clothes bought for me by Angel, the person who owns me and I have a baby’s chair it was hoped I’d travel in when they are doing shows.  This is for next year though.  A lot is for next year including being able to sit in a cart pulled by goats and Ginger Ninja the pony so I can go to shows and see people. 
When the goat kids were born this year there were three boys.  Mistral was born first, he is an Arapawa.  He is Angel’s pet and he is hopefully going to train to pull a cart although she has a challenge there as they can be a bit feisty.  Then Victor was born.  His grandmother is Symbel and his father is Orpheus.  He is a lovely boy, really friendly and huge.  He was big when he was born and just kept growing.  He is Niall’s pet goat.  Wagner isn’t quite as big.  He is Angel’s choice as a pet goat and harness goat to match Victor.  VW as a pair, like the car but both sounding like they start with a “V”.  His mother was Makeda and his father is Orpheus.   Makeda was sold this year along with Victor’s mother and many others.  His grandmother was Enara, the lovely old brown goat who sadly died this year at the ripe old age of twelve.  She is an old one who is sadly missed but she lives on in Wagner and Leia, her granddaughter. 
These boy goats are not useful and in the past some places would not have kept them and allowed them to grow up.  Angel and Niall had other plans.  They chose one each to be a harness pair and decided to keep the Arapawa because he is so rare as an exhibition goat.  People may not have had the opportunity to see such a rare creature so it seemed only right to keep a goat just to be friendly and go and see them.  He may be a harness goat but he’ll not be pulling a human, he’s too small.  He’ll be pulling me and Gadget in our hundred year old dog cart which is on the list for renovation.  If we can’t take him then the Ginger Ninja will take over.  There are rules you see, rules and paperwork.  So he can’t go everywhere.  But she can.
I am very worried about Wagner.  He a gentle quiet soul, just like his father Orpheus, our lovely floppy eared male.  He is also very playful and that was the problem.  He jumped in and out of the hay rack and got his leg broken.  Again, as a boy this may have been the end of him as if he has painkillers he can’t be dinner.  That is fine as he was never intended to be.  So the vet was called, he was given painkillers and was so, so brave while he was bandaged and plastered up.  He hung there in Niall’s arms and held out his leg to be helped.  We can only wait and see now.  It has been plastered and we are all hoping he is going to be well afterwards.  He may not have a completely straight leg and his chances as a harness goat are now over.  The pressure on the weakened leg would be too great.  Poor brave Wagner.  No complaint, not a bleat.  He trusts and lets us help.  That is goat.  Brave and true.
Out of something horrible something good has come.  I am getting a new body you see.  It had been discussed and the new body is to ride in the cart as it may be raining or there may be mud around.  My lovely material body doesn’t wash and I’d become a mess if I can’t be kept clean.  I’ll tell you later about The Toymaker but now that he is around I can bond with another body and he is going to do that.  It will be an experiment.  I say that I can, we don’t actually know, we are mostly guessing.  When the body is made The Toymaker will work his magic.  He already has in a way as he has given Andy Rimmer the ability to make Frixian hosts.  Things are different now as the power of the Goblians is so great.  We can’t just jump into a body, we need to be bound.
Andy has agreed to make my new body so that I can actually ride Wagner in public.  You mustn’t forget that when people who don’t believe see me I will become a floppy puppet.  That is the problem, my body is too soft.  This new body will be rigid so that I can sit in a saddle and ride Wagner.  I’ll be able to talk to him in his mind and Angel is going to lead me. 
Now Victor the other goat will have to pull the little cart on his own.  That is not a problem as there will only be me, copies of our books and things to sell in the back and they are only lightweight. 
Wagner needs to have a purpose and he is a beautiful boy.  So, he is going to be my goat.  Not just a pet, he is going to be the goat I ride. 
I never imagined when for many years we were asleep in the Cryogenic Unit of the TAVERN that we would wake up to what is happening.  We had been trapped by wicked thieves who stole the ship many years ago.  It was when we were trapped by them after helping them for most of our lives that things changed.  Things changed because the TAVERN came into contact with a semi sentient computer program known as NEMESIS.  Nemesis spoke with the ship’s onboard computer and part of this program linked with it.  That part saw what was happening and although the ship could do very little when we were trapped, it made sure that when the power ran down we were not killed. 
The wicked thieves didn’t last long.  That is the way with evil people, they turn on each other and can’t trust each other.  All it took was for them to hear of an easy way to make money.  It was quite miraculous in many ways.  But not at all when you know what is going on.  Nemesis made sure that one of the thieves found out that there was a delivery of gold that they could easily steal.  They of course went to get it and when they did the security services were notified and it appeared that one had been betrayed by the other.  Of course being mistrusting they ended up fighting and that was the end of both of them.  They never came back for the ship and it stayed trapped in this area for nearly a hundred years. 
That time passed very slowly and as if we were in a dream.  Well actually it was a dream, sent to us by the Weaver of Dreams.  She too is trapped somewhere, far from your reality, far from everyone’s reality.  So now even you may be trapped by the mundaneness of your dreams.  Don’t worry, one day she will be back.  When she comes back dreams will be magical again.  When she comes back into her full power magic will return to this world.  That will be a great day for this world.
When we first were awakened we were very confused.  It was a strange world, especially as we found ourself in a murder mystery game run by a friend of Angel’s, Kevin Rutter.  It took a while for us to realise that it wasn’t real but it was lovely to meet the people.  They were people who helped to put the place together, the building that exists in this dimension that is.  It was transformed from an empty barn full of bits and pieces to what now looks like an old fashioned, old world, pub.  Then there is the land.  This has been transformed from a flat field to a place where goats can live happily.  Not quite the smallholding that was first thought of but then things didn’t go according to plan.  It had been a good plan but it didn’t work out.  Angel didn’t come to Wales alone, she came with a man who became her husband.  He didn’t really want to be in Wales so he found someone in London and decided to stay there.  Angel’s mother had moved to Wales and as Angel had a bad hip it had to be replaced so she moved in with her mother.  Sadly her mother died and now she is back at her original house and back with us.  It was a sad time while she was away and I was very lucky to survive.  Many things didn’t as they were stored in boxes and the rats got in.  Nightly they munched their way through Angel’s clothes and things.  Her sofas and everything else was ruined.  Nested in and destroyed. 
She has a new friend now, Niall, and we like him.  He likes us too.  That is perfect but all those years were wasted and what could have been a thriving smallholding is good but it could be better.  It has been marking time and on her own Angel couldn’t do all those things that would have made the place self sufficient both in food and power.
When she came here she wanted to create a place where people can find the serenity to dream again.  A place where they can talk, tell stories and write.  A place where they can investigate the magical things in life, be it spiritual or just meeting amazing people.  Then to her everyone is amazing in their own way, until they are proven to be nasty.  She got very fed up with the world for a while but that didn’t last. 
When I originally spoke to her it went really well and now we get to live in the house as well as the TAVERN which is much more interesting.  We still sleep in the Tavern with the Band.  The band are amazing, small but amazing.  They are mini androids, created to maintain the TAVERN’s basic functions.  It is a shame they don’t come in too as they would find it interesting as there is a television set and music.  They move around when nobody is watching, fixing the engine and working on the mechanics of the place.  When a human is around they look just like dolls standing on little stage like a band.  Two of them have their own story which I will tell you about in a bit. 
I call where we live and our machine “The Tavern” as that is what those who created it called it, “The Time Inn Tavern”.  They think they created it and it is unique but in truth their minds created what we encouraged their spirit to see.  When they had created what we wanted them to, we shifted the interior shell of the building into the ethereal momentarily and linked the two, the dimension travelling device and the play tavern they had built in the barn.  The barn is the structure of the travelling device as well as an ancient place for keeping animals.  So what was out of phase was added to by a physical component and the physical component gained the properties of the time travelling device.  This is much better as it is hard to sit on a hologram chair.  That didn’t come out right.  The travelling machine is like a shell in different places which we use to lock on to so we can move so that nobody gets surprised or hurt when we move the machine.  It can move independently of these shells but there is the possibility of scaring someone or squashing them if they happen to be in the space it wants to occupy. 
It occupies a fixed space and shape when it moves and that space is defined by a building which exists in all the time and space zones we can go to.  The rest of it is out of phase and safe for the inhabitants.  That is the safest way to travel unless we are moving it to a totally uninhabited area.  The interior space swaps but the outer shell stays were it is and looks the same.  The inner space is within another dimension but it is defined by how it was originally built.  It has many rooms on many levels, all out of phase and in the basement.  All that humans can see unless they have help is the tiny barn. 
The time travelling machine is silicone and chrome based creature which lives on the particles created by time and dimension travelling.  Eion particles are scooped up when it travels and these power the systems.  So it is sort of a symbiotic relationship.  It also needs crystals or it gets confused and can’t store up enough power to move.  So it has to use these as well.  The creature provides the core of the machine, the machine provides its food.  We get to use the machine and everyone is happy.  It was a developing machine until it met with Nemesis.  Nemesis made it a sentient being and in return it melded with Nemesis which is a bit like a hive mind.  What one Nemesis unit thinks, the rest know about.   
We have stopped tinkering with the controls since we got ourselves into all kinds of trouble a few years back.  We also don’t tinker unless we have to as Nemesis tells us off and that entity can play some awful tricks.  The original problem that happened was mostly because the heating system wasn’t working and we were trying to put it back on.  Our engineers couldn’t work it out as it had been installed by a previous bunch so we tried to link up with Mission Command.  That of course wasn’t permitted by the protocols as Earth is a closed system and we weren’t really supposed to know about the organization.  Nemesis and our on board computer seemed to know a lot about it as apparently there had been a Mission Command operative trapped in the cryogenic unit until she was removed.  I assume she went back to work for Mission Command, nobody knows.  I tried to track her down but there seem to be no records after the thieves left her on a planet in the Hisveksius System. 
We couldn’t find the manual and we ended up all over the place when we tried pushing random buttons.  Since then we have recovered some of our lost memory, that got realigned while we were in the cryogenic unit and we think that was something to do with the thieves.  Nemesis helped to unlock parts of our memory that had been shut off due to awful things we had seen.  It turned out that someone close to us had actually designed it in the first place but with all the freezing, that part of our memory didn’t wake up so quickly.  That was what we first thought but now we have been told that the memory of a Frixian in the unit had been accidentally superimposed onto us.  We’d remove it but it is too useful so Nemesis edited out the personal memories and left us with the technical ones.  Now we rely on heating given to us by the house owners rather than trying to investigate how to put the heating on.  It is a strange building and although it fits with the surroundings outside, inside it is like a world of its own.  Which I suppose is an ironic way of describing it. 
To its owners it is a place they can enjoy an evening with their friends and occasionally have a nice meal.  Being so remote it does give the opportunity of a quiet evening out.  To us it is home although we seem to spend more time in their house these days.  To the android band it is home but they are machines and not a lot of fun.  They may look like dolls but that is just how they were built.  Two of them are not, they are elf like creatures who happen to enjoy pretending to be part of the band.
Kevin who helps out sometimes made them a stage.  The speakers are up there and it would actually be nice to get hold of some instruments for them.  When we can get certain things fixed on the machine we will go off and get them some.  For now they stand there and the sound in the TAVERN is played by them from an MP3 player attached in the back of the bar area.
Doing anything at the moment is problematic.  We have had our control box stolen, yes stolen.  Nasty rotten scoundrels took away the Orisk Box. 
The box is the controls for the machine.  It had to be remade using Earth based bits and pieces so it did look a little strange.  We still had crystals then.  We don’t now.  It was a plastic box on wheels with component parts made from old broken circuitry and motherboards from computers.  There were plenty of switches and levers.  The original controls got broken thanks to Gadget dropping a cup of what you call coffee and frying the original circuitry in the place.  We were lucky because Kevin who helps us out sometimes knows technology and with a bit of influence from us and manipulating the story they were all writing together we managed to get what we needed built from the bits and pieces that were around with the help of Nemesis who gave us the schematics and made sure that Kevin found them on the internet.  He never found them again, strange that. 
Angel didn’t have many computer pieces so we had to get them from somewhere.  Thankfully in Aberystwyth, the nearest town, there is a shop called Craft.  It is apparently an intriguing place where people bring things they no longer need.  These things are then sold to the public by this not for profit organization, thus recycling them.  It is amazing what you can find and they are a helpful bunch as well.  They were really helpful when Angel told them she was building a space ship for a murder mystery and gave her lots of old broken circuitry.  They must have thought she was mad but for our sake she was prepared to brave that to get what we wanted.  That was the start of it and then we put the idea into Kevin’s head and sort of tinkered with his brain a bit so what he was building as a prop also worked for us to get around a bit. 
That is the odd thing you see.  It looked like a box full of circuitry put together.  So when Kevin took it back to his house to keep it safe and work on it while Angel was over at her mother’s place it was kept in his garage.
Poor Kevin, it was a sad time for him.  He had got a job and was doing really well.  He had a home at last and his life was coming together.  Then he lost his job and had to move so all his things were stored in the garage.  It is odd how bad things tend to come in bundles and wicked people influenced by Goblians must have noticed his visiting the garage and realized that he had his things in there.  So, the garage was broken into and the box was stolen.  This is devastating to us but the box is pointless to anyone else.  I expect it has been broken down to component parts by now.  But we would love to find the bludgers and show them a bit of how we feel about it.
I wonder sometimes if I have parents and what happened to them.  I must have.  I was lost you see.  I hatched from an egg in the Time Inn Tavern as my new friends called it.  Gadget did too.  We are hatched from eggs and these were in the maintenance box for hatching when we were needed. 
Others have to travel from our world and dimension to this.  We were taken from our world before we hatched so we hatched here.  That is why we didn’t need the Toymaker to link us with the puppets we now use to get around in.  Frixians built the Tavern and as we have a hive mind, a shared mind, when it comes to technology we were useful.  I can’t imagine someone leaving their children in a pub but I suppose it happens.  Then it wasn’t a pub then.

Widget and Gadget are Frixians from another time and dimension.  They are both two thousand years old and they were the builders of the time, space and dimension travelling device which looks like a small barn on the smallholding where they live.   

A Weaver of Dreams
by Gadget or Widget
Published 18 September 2014
32 Pages  

This is the introductory novella, written by Gadget before Widget took over the majority of the writing.  It includes information about who they are and a bit about the smallholding followed by a fictional story where Wizel comes to the smallholding and finds out how to bring The Weaver of Dreams back to this dimension.  The Weaver will bring magic and mystery back to the world.  

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Nat King Cole. A Weaver Of Dreams.
Nat King Cole. A Weaver Of Dreams.Taken from the Album.Nat King Cole.The Ultimate Collection,Released 2012.

Mayhem on the Vale of Rheidol Railway
by Widget
Halloween Special
Kindle 33 Pages  

This is the novella about Widget & Gadget’s trip on the Vale of Rheidol Railway Ghost Train.  This is written by Widget.   The first part of this novella is about the actual trip on the Railway where the Frixians foil an attempt by the wicked Goblians to harm the children on the trip.  The second part includes Widget & Gadget’s adventures when everyone on the railway is put to sleep to dream by the Weaver of Dreams to keep them safe from being lured into the Ghost Castle.  

The Boulevard of Broken Dreams
by Widget
Cardiff Christmas Special
Kindle 51 Pages  

The Frixians have a problem.  They are vastly outnumbered by the wicked Goblians and they need to repair their time and space travelling device to be able to open a gateway to bring more Frixians into the world.    But, where do you find the parts to get the device working other than back on their home planet?  To do this they need to go there and the only way they can think of doing this is to visit the Dr Who Exhibition and “borrow” the Tardis for a while.  This is the story of their trip to Cardiff and what happens when they visit the Exhibition.  

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Robert Earl 'The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams' 78 rpm
B side to 'The Wonderful Secret Of Love' 'The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams' is an oldie from the 1933 film Moulin Rouge. Another song good enough to have been an A side.Written by Al Dublin (words)...

The Toymaker’s Dream by Widget 

The Toymaker is needed so that the toys can have their Frixian attached to them.  The original Toymaker is long gone and a new Toymaker is needed.  This is the story of the new Toymaker and how the Keyholder is found to open the gateway to let more Frixians into the world.
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The Toymaker's Dream (1929)
Debroy Somers band

Coming soon:
There's a Land of Begin Again by Widget

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There's a Land of Begin Again - Vera Lynn
"There's a Land of Begin Again" - Vera Lynn (1942)

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