The dream becomes reality... - Fleeces and Wool for Sale
The dream becomes reality... -

This is an annual event we are hoping to start whereby anyone who is buying a fleece can come and get it, camp, enjoy meeting like minded people and have some fun while sharing ideas. 

It will depend when shearing is going to happen.  It looks like there are a lot of different ideas as to when this can be but we have found an article in Country Smallholding (July 2017) which suggests June.  

For camping and fun purposes this is a good month as it will be warm enough to camp and enjoy the couple of days (weekend or otherwise).  So watch this space for an update as I'm trying to book a shearer which will probably dictate when this will be.  


We have a lovely herd of 11 Llanwenog sheep who joined us this year.  The girls are very much enjoying munching their way through our grass and their ram is arriving soon so that they can have lambs next year.

We would like to sell the wool and we are happy to build up the flock (even keeping the males) if there is interest in the wool.

We have done a bit of research and on Etsy 1kg of washed Llanwenog fleece sells for about nine pounds.  Unwashed would be about six pounds a kilo.

Fleeces are six pounds a kilo.  You are welcome to book your sheep and have the same one every year.  If there is enough interest we will keep on the lambs so there will be lambs wool and later more fleeces.

Farmers with more than four sheep are forced to sell to the British Wool Marketing Board.  The BWMB was created in 1950.  The Llanwenog is an exempt breed so we can sell the wool for spinning, felt, dying and other purposes as a complete fleece.

If you are interested in buying a fleece but you would rather not spin and dye it yourself then The Natural Fibre Company can do that for you.  They charge thirty to fifty pounds for a finished kilo for knitting yarns.  Their minimum order is 20 kilograms so 12-15 kilo would be about five hundred to eight hundred pounds.

We are just selling the fleeces and hopefully to people who would like to process the wool themselves.



We are starting a Shared Smallholding and hopefully that will attract people here who want to do things like that so there may be a possibility that they will prepare the wool.  That is for the future.  I have the books but it would be up to their enthusiasm. Similarly for re-enactors and roleplayers, we grow the wool and keep the animals, I doubt there would be time to process the wool as well.  So we are selling the fleeces straight from the shear.

Natural Fibre Company
Unit B, Pipers Court,
Pennygillam Way
Cornwall      PL15 7PJ      01566 777635

Wool Processing is also done at

The Border Mill
Unit 3, Duns Industrial Estate
Station Road
TD11 3HS      01361 883692

If Members of the CSH would like to be involved in the rearing of sheep then they would have first refusal on the fleeces if they are to be spun, dyed and woven into things to sell on behalf of the Holding.  Proceeds from sale would be divided between everyone who has looked after the sheep with a greater portion coming off of the Membership of the Member who does the spinning, dying and weaving.  We have plenty of books and most of a spinning wheel to get started with this.

If a Member would like to learn how to shear it may be a situation where the cost of a course comes out of any proceeds that comes from selling the fleeces.  We would then have our own in-house shearing.

Shearing is in March according to this web site:


We are proposing a get together for those picking up their fleece and others interested in spinning and weaving etc.  You will be able to meet you sheep, see it shorn and pick up your fleece.  If there is enough interest we can arrange catering and a bit of fun as well.  


Farmers Guardian 13 October Page 14
"Putting British wool centre stage"

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