The dream becomes reality... - Heritage Planting
The dream becomes reality... -


It is really easy now to have a "heritage plot" as companies like the Real Seed Company have worked tirelessly to preserve the "old seed".


After your initial investment if you are conscientious enough you will have seed for life as none of it is f1. All seed can be harvested and used for future years and exchanged or given to others.

What we are proposing is to set up a Heritage Plot but to make everything about it "heritage" i.e. even the fencing.  As we have goats this could be a challenge.  Previously goats would have grazed over many acres of land so the plot wasn't their first choice for an all you can eat buffet.  Although they have many acres the plot will be in the way so the fencing will be important.  

We are trying to set up a Living History area which is on the old earthworks so we don't want to spoil it by putting a field of pig wire and post in the middle.  So we are going to try to recruit people to help to put in a more suitable fence.  

What would a Medieval Field Fencing look like.  At the time there was strip farming so the plot in itself wouldn't be totally accurate.  The fencing would have to be.  We could make it more of a "Medieval Garden" and I have a book about that.  

Fencing comes first.  It won't keep the slugs out but it will keep the other furries out.


We are in the process of setting up a Trust which will be responsible for the historic element of the Old Castle.  

We are proposing a Medieval Garden for the planting.  We have been looking at The Medieval Garden by Sylvia Landsberg.  We have a copy of this book.

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