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The dream becomes reality... -


This is being discussed at the moment as it is quite a project and something we can't do on our own.  

To fundraise we are setting up an annual Costume Fest here.  I'm sure we'll come up with a better name shortly.  Information can be found under Events

We are honoured to be the owners of a Medieval Earthworks.  it is a Motte and Bailey and you can clearly see the levels.

GAZETTEER (1).pdf (PDF — 88 KB)

The Archaeological Society did a visit a while back and they have set what is left here out in the Gazetteer.  As you can see most of the hedges are now gone due to farming.  The earthworks are confirmed though.

It would be hard to put in hedgerows as the goats wander but it may be possible to recreate some of the buildings and an authentic goat house (see ARAPAWA GOATS for an example).

It would be wonderful to have a Living History Village here for Open Days and for use by re-enactors and those who do Living History exhibitions.  

It is possible to keep other things in keeping.  It would be interesting to have a Heritage Vegetable Plot (authentically fenced), Heritage Chickens and perhaps a couple of Heritage Pigs.  We already have the Heritage Goats.

Having a group of people who are happy to help building up the place and being a part of it for years to come would be wonderful.  We have the site, the views are fabulous.  We would happily welcome those who come to help.  

We are setting up a Trust to manage this and to make sure that what is built lasts for years to come.  If you would like to be a part of this, please get in touch.

We are thinking of building a Roundhouse

We are possibly interested in keeping bees in the "Medieval way"


There is a good article in Home Farmer Issue 116, November 2017 about Winemaking in bygone times with recipes for orange wine and spruce beer.  We have other books about this subject and if there is enough interest we could set aside some land to grow heritage crops for making the odd brew or two.

On the main part of our land we are proposing to put in a vineyard if the soil and other tests prove it can be done.  This will obviously be "modern" but there is no reason why we can't set up a Medieval Vineyard or grow hops in the Medieval way.


We have been looking at The Medieval Garden by Sylvia Landsberg and hoping to get some ideas from this.


We are thinking about creating a "Living History" situation where people can come and live in costume.  This will mostly be to display Medieval Life to the public and for specific events but those who would like to be involved can also enjoy being in costume and "roleplaying" everyday life.  Of course when the public go home there could be one or two events that happen in the life of... ok I've been watching too much Game of Thrones....

Annual Costume Fest
Third Weekend of the School Holidays but not Bank Holiday
Traders are welcome to enter out "catwalk style" costume exhibition.  Visitors will be invited to vote on which costume they think is best.  The winner will be featured on our Facebook page and website.


Anyone who comes on a weekend or gets involved in the building of the village, animal pens, historic veg patch is expected to do this in costume and in character.  That makes it much more fun.

Not everyone can make their own costume so we are inviting those who make authentic costume to advertise here.  As we haven't seen any of their costume we cannot of course endorse them but their photographs look good.


If you would like to put your details here please email with the best web site link and a bit about what you do.  Please also mention if you are coming to Costume Fest.

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