The dream becomes reality... - Old Castle Smallholdings
The dream becomes reality... -
Old Castle Smallholdings

There are two agricultural fields at Old Castle which would split quite comfortably into three smallholdings.  One 5 acres, one 6 and one 7, leaving some spare acreage for shared drives etc.  The specifics would have to be worked out as the infrastructure is put in for the smallholdings but it would allow for a single shared borehole which would save on resources for all owners.

I am working on limited funds to do this so I will have to add in some parts of the deal which are not normal which are there to protect Old Castle.

The benefits of making this available to three families rather than just one or two is that the smaller size is more affordable and it is a good working size for a smallholding.  Ideally there could be co-operation as three families marketing their goods would also provide a far bigger selling base and the ability to share resources so that everyone benefits.  

Old Castle itself will be providing some produce and between us hopefully we can build something that will provide an income for years to come.

If you would like to buy one of the fields at Old Castle then you have to agree to certain things which are not in the normal way of conveyancing.  I have limited funds and I cannot allow money to be wasted so to avoid time wasters anyone who wishes to purchase a “plot” at Old Castle must pay a non refundable two thousand pound deposit straight away to secure their holding.

The cost of buying the land is six thousand pounds per acre plus all legal fees.      

The buyers agree to pay Old Castle’s legal fees for the conveyancing.  These fees come out of the two thousand pound deposit and are payable even if the buyer pulls out.  

Old Castle Smallholdings are part of Old Castle.  I purchased Old Castle in January 2017 so the paperwork for Old Castle should still be current.  This includes the Local Authority Search and the Agricultural Search, Chancel Searches and all other searches.  

I would suggest that all purchasers use the same solicitor and that a group fee is negotiated as the work for all three will be the same.
The buyers of the lower field must agree to pay the fencing fee to divide the field into two and to fence off the Right of Way at the bottom so that it is no longer an issue.  Access should be through the gate at the top along a shared drive to be decided between the purchasers of the bottom field.

I have quite a collection of Smallholding, Country Smallholding and Home Farmer which I will happily lend to anyone buying the land.  I also have a good selection of books on many subjects which are also available to be borrowed.  

Telephone:  Currently I work on a Hotspot and I have to say it is far better than BT ever provided.  If you need more than that then the telephone cable is being taken underground and application to BT for a line should be made asap so that the work can be incorporated when they are doing the cabling.

As you are doing One Planet Development you are expected to be off grid.  There is a power cable which runs under the road which would be available for connecting to.  I will be connecting to it at the end of the month but should you wish to be on grid then it is up to you to make your own private arrangements.

Water Supply.  As mentioned above a borehole might be the best solution to this.  This could be shared.  There is an aquifer running under the property which was mentioned on the Agricultural Survey.

Gas Main:  There is a gas pipe running across the land.  It is very deep and the only proviso they ask for is that you don't build a house or buildings on top of it which is fair enough.

General Notes

This land is agricultural.  I have decided to sell it as three lots rather than one large plot and one small so that three families get the opportunity to be on a level playing field.  

We hope that there should be a good skill base here and that everyone should be like minded so that it becomes a good community to be part of.  I am also planning to do projects on the land I have left so that will make four of us.

Everyone has exciting ideas and everyone is going to have to apply for the One Planet Development which is likely to be stressful in itself.  I would strongly suggest that you look at your business plan and apply it to the land available.  The land is pretty flexible.

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