The dream becomes reality... - Plans and Dreams
The dream becomes reality... -

This is the section for plans we are discussing and considering.  Nothing is definite in this section, it depends on how much interest there is.

We have very little by way of funds available so most projects would involve the enthusiasm of those who would later get to benefit from them.

Also, we are starting a Trust so that part of this place is charitable ready for all of it being put into the Trust's hands when us mere mortal owners shuffle off our mortal coil.


All that remains is the earthworks and one hedge is almost authentic.  Most of what was here from the 13th Century is now gone.  But that doesn't mean we can't put it back.  I don't know what that would mean for planning but I am sure we will be causing them nightmares for years to come if we can get the support.  After all, Dumnonni did it.


Would this be in keeping?  I do have plans for building one and if we can get the help and it is "permissable" (I hate that bit, annoying we own the land) then why not?

Medieval Village:  We would love to reconstruct the motte and bailey here.  Not too sure about the fences though.


We are thinking authentic fences to fit in with the "village" and heritage vegetables.  Perhaps we could supply re-enactment groups for their events.


We have authentic Milch Cottager Goats but to build Brenin and Mistie an "authentic" goat pen and housing as part of the village.


We have to have stocks for the village.


It would be great to have a "home group" and perhaps have open days for the public


We have the old quarry storytelling area but what about storytelling in a roundhouse?


We have Welsh White at the moment but they aren't that "old".  They were created in the 1850s so they will have to stay with the Community Smallholding as I'm not parting with Lily the Pink and Floyd.  We could build an authentic pig pen and keep something like Tamworth - I'll check the history of that, I'm sure you know better than I do.


Ebony the Welsh Cob is 25 and Bill the Welsh Mountain can be nuts so if the village wanted a working/riding horse it would have to be another one or a donkey.  Perhaps a cart in the future.  If there is interest.


Some chickens breeds are older than others as are some ducks.  It would be good to get an "original Aylesbury duck" pair (pink bill) and historic chickens such as Scotts Grey or something Welsh.  if there is interest.    

More ideas to follow...

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