The dream becomes reality... - Reiki & Stress Therapy
The dream becomes reality... -

What is Reiki?

I am a qualified Reiki Master and I am very interested in rebuilding my Reiki Therapy Business here at Old Castle.  

This will be in the Summer as we would like to put up a suitable shelter down by the estuary near the Ancient Woodland as the energies are wonderful down there.

If you are interested in Reiki Therapy then please get in touch.  

We would also be interested in providing a venue for other Reiki Therapists to practise.  Again, if you are interested please get in touch.

"Farmers urged to talk about mental health" Page 2
"Ignoring mental health needs is the worst course of action" Page 10
Farmers Guardian 13 October 2017

This is an interesting article.  I used to provide stress therapy with Reiki when I was in London but I haven't done anything for a number of years.  I am interested in re-growing my Reiki Business and it would be interesting to specialise in therapy for Farmers and Smallholders as I truly understand the pressures, highs and lows.

I need a dedicated area for this but as a new caravan is arriving shortly, this could be the perfect place.  

I can also teach guilded meditations, grounding and many ways to get through the day when things don't exactly go to plan.
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