The dream becomes reality... - Tales Annwn
The dream becomes reality... -

Tales Annwn

On Line Novel being written when I get the chance...

This is a story which is linked with Phoenix Rising (c) Angela Timms 2017

Nailindris looked up slowly from his desk.  His eyes looked tired and his brow was furrowed. His cheek still bore the imprint of where he had been resting it against his hand for many hours staring at the large ancient book which lay open covering most of his huge desk.  Round spectacles perched on his nose which oddly distorted his violet eyes as they darted glances around the room.  Their translating qualities not necessary as he looked around.
   He pulled his robes and cloak around his muscular form with long white elegant fingers.  The unnatural chill which had wafted around him alerting him further that something was wrong or something was about to happen.
  The look was but an instant long before he looked back down to his book although the glance was all encompassing.  Only someone with incredible powers of observation would hae noticed it as he moved so quickly before reaching forwards casually and pouring a glass of water from his crystal decanter into the almost empty crystal glass which was precariously perched on a pile of paperwork beside him.
  The room was cluttered with every scrap of the wall to wall bookshelves crammed with books, maps, papers and other ornaments and artifacts which clung to the front of the shelves where the books didn't cover the whole shelf.  Each item was a memory, each book either had been needed or would be needed in the future.  
  The room was empty but for him.  Then it wasn't so empty.  There was a miniscule air movement and a tall woman appeared standing on his rug in front of his desk.  Her small silver shoes indenting into the soft fleece of the rug as her sharp green eyes took in the room before settling on him.  Her alabaster skin was pure white and flawless, her almond shaped face smiling at him, framed by long curly white hair which fell way past her waist.
  Nai smiled, relaxed and tried to disguise his surprise.  "Widget, it has been a long time."
  Widget caught her balance, smiled and that smile lit the room.  Nai couldn't help but relax himself despite his overriding concern which had captivated his day.  She looked him in the eye which made him almost gasp. "We moved."
  Nai looked concerned.  "I am not sure what you mean by moved.  I thought the Tavern jumped between locations, what is so new about that?"
  Widget reached forwards and picked up a glass letter opener off of Nai's desk and weighed it in her hands before putting it down again.  "It doesn't move normally but I have dismantled it.  It was malfunctioning."
  Nai raised an eyebrow and the corner of his mouth slightly curled upwards.  "Broken?"
Widget grinned.  "Yep, Gadget connected the cryo cables to the inductors and it caused a reaction which resulted in the non physical part of it no longer existing."
  Nai looked concerned and physically gasped as the enormity of what she had just said sunk in.  The Tavern may be a Time, Space and Dimension travelling device but it also had a non physical part that was the size of a small town and on occasion had been inhabited by hundreds of people.
  Widget looked chastised.  "Only Rasdaman.  He was resting in the cryo unit and lost his body but we managed to save him and thankfully there was a suitable soft toy that looked like a Rasdaman in the charity shop so we put his spirit into there until we can get him a body again.  He was very cross to start with but now he's like us he is much happier."
  Nai smiled.  "It is good news that nobody was killed.  So why did you move?"
  Widget sighed.  "We all moved, humans, animals and the lot.  It was inevitable.  There is a time when moving is right and it doesn't matter how much effort you have put into a place it is just wrong for you to be there.  Not for us but for the humans and goats.  It had been a long and hard time with the weather and lack of help so building anything there had proven difficult.  The new place is so much better for what they personally want to do.  The old place will be better for someone else.  I also think there are other forces at play here."  She shifted her weight.
  Nai indicated a chair.  "You don't need to stand on ceremony here.  If doors and knocking aren't a consideration I can't see why you would wait for a seat.  Would you like a drink?"
  Widget smiled, nodded and sat down.  "Our human friend isn't researching anymore but by chance the thing that she was looking for turned up down the road.  The Holy Grail is at Nantes Manor, Aberystwyth.  So that part of the journey is over.  She then had an interest in Merlin and it turns out that where they have moved us to is where he was born, Carmarthen, the oldest town in Wales."  She handed Nai a piece of paper with the address on it.
  Nai carefully unfolded it and typed the information into the keyboard beside his desk.  "Interesting and convenient.  There is an ancient spring there and the place itself was a castle back in the Medieval years.  One of our gateways is there of course as there is a spring and that will make life a lot easier for all of us.  It is an area we were considering for re-occupation by some of our more shy folk but we were waiting to find out who was going to buy it.  So it is already on our records. 
  There is already a spring guardian, a very powerful one.  She has had to be as over the years it has been quite a struggle to keep the place free of interference from the Church.  Many of our wells and springs have been taken over for pilgrimages and prayers which tends to upset many of our folk.  This one has been left alone and is purely fey.  I can see there are many dryads in the woods, Ellyllon as well.  Hold on, there is also a red star mark here, there is a problem."  He and Widget both looked concerned.  "Ah, not good.  Erinda, an ancient Ellyllon who lives in the area sent us a report a while back.  It seems that your neighbour has created a man made lake."  Widget nodded but kept quiet so that Nai could continue.  "That wouldn't normally be a problem as the neighbour would have gone through the right channels and that would have flagged up that it was an old area which was once inhabited by an Afanc.  The beast was sadly slain as humans won't let that sort of thing exist and that was years ago even by our years.  The area had been kept under a black box mark, these are warnings we give that certain things shouldn't be done in the area.  Introducing that much water in a known Afanc area is just asking for trouble.  Here the warning was that the Afanc is a crocodile like creature that lays eggs.  If there was an egg in the area then it may well have been unearthed by the depth of the lake and surrounded by water.  That would hatch it if it is there.  Hold on, there is a report here.  Erinda, another Ellyllon has reported a sighting of a baby one in the lake.  That would just about tally with the timeline for the lake to be dug and filled."  Nai sighed heavily.  "Why oh why do humans have to be like that.  Their luxury is the important things and sometimes rules are there for a reason."
  Widget shook her head, she didn't know what to say.  She was already angry about the repurcussions of the neighbour's actions and this just added fuel to the fire.  Her thoughts were racing.  She had to protect her humans, the animals and the other Frixians.  Anything that threatened the peaceful life they all had planned was just not right.  Peace was all they wanted and that was not what they were getting.
  Nai also was shaking his head as he scrolled down and skim read the report.  "That could have a bearing on your land.  The goats and humans could have the odd problem as the Afanc may leave the lake to hunt as I can't see any record of any fish being kept in the lake.  As a baby it will eat small bugs but as it grows it is going to want something a bit more substantial than that.  What are the plans for the place?  I will see what I can do to put safety measures in place to keep you safe but an Afanc is a vicious predator."
  Widget thought for a moment.  "It is a farm.  We already have eleven sheep, Llanwenog which were bought for their wool more than meat.  I know they have plans to get them a boy and then there will be more so there will be lambs around and they will be outside grazing.  The goats come in at night so I assume they will be safer.  We have four little pigs but they are only babies at the moment.  When they grow they may well be a target as well.  Again they are going to have a boy so there will be piglets running around.  They are partly tied in with the proposed shared smallholding part of the land.  The goats are free ranging during the day but at night they are away.  We have one small kid this year and possibly more on the way from their seasons being a bit odd and some of the girls being in kid from just after the move.
  This first year is setting up and trying to get help to get things done.  I think they have learnt their lesson from the old place and are getting all the structural set up first even though financially it is a drain.  It has all been held up because of a lack of water as well.  That lake has caused a bit of a problem as the water which used to run into the stream on our land has ended up in the lake.  The neighbour also dug drains to gather all the water he could from his land so obviously that water no longer goes into the stream on our land. 
  You won't believe it but the neighbours on the other side wanted the water cut off as well.  We were told during the buying of the place that they were awkward and that there wasn't a possibility of having a meter put on, they wanted us cut off and wouldn't move in until it was all done.  They also wanted the electric cut off, that was a bit more understandable as it was only an extension from their house but when they wanted the cess pit cut off as well, well our humans had to put their foot down over that one.  They at least have that as that would have been a huge expense to have to dig that.  There are composting toilet options but with getting set up all these things are distractions. 
  Water has become a problem as although there is a mains water pipe across the land Welsh Water won't connect us to it.  It is a rule that new connections can only come off of the mains and I think you've guessed it that the mains is miles away, across four fields and across a gas main which must not be disturbed to the nearby village about a mile away.  So we are on our own with water.
  It is solveable with the stream and they have been driving down with the quad bike to bring back water in plastic containers.  There is a roof on the barn as well and that water is being gathered up.  They paniced to start with and it was very scary with the animals and of course there were weeks when it was dry when we first got there and it was disconnected.  Now that it is raining it is better as the cubes are full and a water butt is being filled right next to the static caravan so that is useful for flushing the toilet.  It is a bit basic but it does work, sort of. 
  The worst part of this is that it has meant that the money making bit of having cattle on the big field has been put on hold.  That sort of worked out well as the grass is a real mix and that needs to be ploughed and reseeded.  So next year it will be fabulous for cattle.  Of course we are waiting for people to come and do it."
  Nai looked up.  "I'd send faerie help but it would be noticed.  What help is there?"
  Widget smiled.  "They have had a great idea.  There is a five acre field which is alongside a right of way, private road.  They are advertising so that they can find people who can't have a smallholding so that they can.  They will have to share but then with an allotment everyone grows the same so they might as well share their skills and it should be more fun."
  Nai looked puzzled.  "How are they coping without field water?"
  Widget looked down at her hands stifling her anger.  "They got a contractor in with a digger and reinstated the old stream by digging out all all the silt.  That brought the water into the stream earlier and reinstated the flow.  The sheep now have water."
  Nai was looking at the screen and scrolling down.  "I can see here that the old water lines have been reinstated.  That will please Shalina Vars.  She is a water sprite who lives in the area and she did put in an official complaint that the stream was being allowed to silt up.  I will send her a message and see what is going on with the baby Afanc."  His fingers flew over the keyboard and with a flourish he hit send.  "There, done.  I have called up a list of who is living there already and I will send them a message that you are to be protected, left alone or helped where possible. 
  As to the Afanc I can move some of our people into the trees along that boundary.  Frixie Friend will be able to deal with it but it has as much right to live as we do so I will suggest she befriends it.
  It is odd, there are no fey ceatures in either of your neighbours' land other than those in the trees along the boundaries.  I will access Gwyn ap Nudd's records as he is the Fey King of Wales.  He may have more comprehensive records."
  Widget smiled.  "Thank you.  Actually, do you know why the dogs are howling?  I forgot about that and you may have an idea about this.  It is most queer.  They do it twice a day and there is an odd sound amongst them a deeper howling."
  Nai thought for a moment.  "Yes, I can see here.  There is a Cwm bendith eu Mannau in the area and no doubt he has befriended your dogs.  Jack's fairy blood would probably have attracted them.  There is more than one.  As you have already said there is a deeper howling amongst the howlings."
  Nai was scrolling down the list of inhabitants.  "It is a very busy area.  But, with ancient woodland, an old castle and a spring in one area it is going to be.  Don't worry about the dogs, they are talking to each other and the faerie dogs in the area.
  I will ask Gwragedd Annun to take a look at the lake.  She is a lake fairy so whe will know what is going on.  If it is an Afanc and not some other beast all we can hope for is that as they didn't get planning permission they are going to be asked to drain it.  At such a young age the Afanc should just hybernate and we can raise the area warning to red to make sure it is not woken up again.  
  Right, I have sent a group message to our people in the area and I have sent some information to Gwyn app Nudd so you have an introduction.  I would suggest that you leave gifts at the well at the usual festivals and if you bring people onto the place that they are warned to be respectful. 
  I can't send you fairy cattle as their plans are to raise cows to sell on.  If they do decide to carry on with cows and breed them then we can talk about it.
  I can see the area is next to Green Castle.  There you go."  He hit send.  "I have informed the occupants there as well."
  Widget looked towards the door as it opened and a diminuative woman with rainbow coloured hair and a pink diaphanous gown came in carrying a tray with two glasses on it.  She bowed her head and offered Widget a glass of the purple fizzy liquid.  Widget took it from the tray as did Nai.  Nai Smiled.  "Thank you Salinis."
  Salinis bowed her head and left the room.
  Nai reached forwards and they clinked glasses.  "Have to drive the devil out of the glass.  Here's to your new venture.  So, what is the long term plan for the Frixian part of the endeavour."
  Widget thought about it for a moment.  "At the moment we are keeping out of the way in an old static caravan that was left on site by the previous owner.  We are making our plans.  Rasdaman is in a Rasda man like soft rag doll and the others are there as well.  I'm a bit lost as to what to do really.  We are obviously still battling the Goblians but as you have already said it is a very busy fey area and the Goblians don't stand a chance of getting here.  If the Shared Smallholding takes off then there may be children and with more hands on deck we may be able to go to shows.  Lemmy the goat needs a bit of training as he is only a baby at the moment but he may be a part of it all.  It is all too confusing with moving at the moment so we are mostly looking at what is going on and doing very little.
  Our humans need to get used to it all as well so they don't need our intervention or complication.  It hasn't exactly gone to plan and they don't even have the static caravan that had been planned.  Ours is ancient and they couldn't live in that.  So, no mains water, no mains power, no landline for the phone and no static caravan.  So they are up against it but doing really well coping especially as it is a bit claustrophobic in the touring caravan which was all they could get up the road.  We are keeping out of the way but I am sure our day will come very soon."

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