The dream becomes reality... - Time Inn Tavern
The dream becomes reality... -

It isn't a "real" tavern.  It is a room that has been created to look like a Medieval Tavern and a place for creative writing courses and workshops.

Back in the mists of time, well a year or so ago, a friend came to visit.  He needed something to do and he needed to complete something so he came to help with the animals and while he was here a plan came into being.  A plan to turn the small barn into a place where people could get together and be creative.

The plan grew, more people got involved and now we have the place that many have enjoyed using since it was finished.  It is made out of recycled materials and donations of materials and equipment from friends and neighbours and a lot of care and love has gone into its creation.

Pictures can be found at TIME INN TAVERN

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