The dream becomes reality... - Whispers from the Rock Poems
The dream becomes reality... -


And the cold wind shall blow
But without all the snow
But lashings of rain don’t relent  
So poor little sparrow
He’s cold to the marrow
This is not what for free range was meant  
But he’ll fluff up his feathers
And survive in all weathers
Until winter’s wrath is all spent.  

Wild weather beneath the stars
Secrets whisper as something stirs
Dreams of magic often wished
When a nasty dose of mundanity is dished  
So smile my friends as you have more
A world  of  wonder  behind  every  door
Imagination is the greatest gift
It creates stories and opens the rift. 


Rain, rain go away
I’ve had enough of you today
Ok you water, that is great
But now the place is quite a state

So bugger off I know that’s rude
But my animals don’t like it
It soaks their food  

So rain if you are listening
A little is nice
But this constant deluge
Exerts an awful price  
Cold hooves and noses
And animals can’t play
So rain please listen AND GO AWAY!  


The dawn it is sleeping
The birds are awake
The secrets they are keeping
Are given for thy sake  
So seek the Isle of Hercules
Where you will find the sun
There in the Kingdom of Heaven
The battle must be won  
The numbers of its location
Contain the square of the sun
Where Gwair was once imprisoned
And the wrong must be undone


Falling from sleep
Drifting only to wake again
When will the ice melt
When will the pictures become reality 

I read the papers Children dying, lost and lonely
There has to be a place for them
There has to be hope 
I saw a picture
Oil on canvas, an image that’s all
A woman, a boat, a river
Words and music are the call


Following the piper’s call
Take me home
But where is home?
Lost amidst the dark pools of reality
Whispering on the wind?
Vague memories of dreams
The dreamer is lost
Torn in a lost world of pain and sorrow
Nothing is real, nothing is unreal
Floating, confusion, seeking that peace.  
The memories of dreams, clutching at them
Tears at dawn, dreamer torn from her dreams
Longing to wander again In the soft green pastures
To sit beneath the ancient oaks of ancient woodland
To know that they are safe, to know.
The tearing agony of no longer knowing
The rending loss
But a loss unknown


The mirror cracked,
Ancient shards filled the air
Sound and motion
Centuries of mystic beauty
What stories had you told
Never to tell again
Never to reveal the wonders
Of a faerie glen  
Lay in peace, creatures of wonder
Their secrets eternal,
Their beauty masked
By the veil of reality  
Peace children of the night
There can be no spy now
Wandering slowly
The dream weaver knows all  

Lost in a lost world
A land in darkness
Beyond time, beyond reason
The wolf howling at the moon
Step out of time, nothing she can do
Nothing she can say
Nothing she knows
Can change reality
Though try she would  

A glimmer of hope
Faith against injustice
Gentle rose, petals
Fading in the dawn light
Noticed by few,
Her way is secret
Her knowledge veiled
Peace be with you
Dancer of the night.


The distance between darkness and light
Void of insanity, nothing to cling to
Peace in the silence,
Or is it nervous anticipation
Vague death like,
Slipping to oblivion In the star struck hate  
Burning brightly to fade to ash
For one moment to know the truth
Then nothing No life, no breath
No love, no hate


How can I recapture a moment in time?
Tranquility, burning through the pain
Tearing me apart but putting me together
The truth, the lost and tormented earth
Gentle sufferance, to watch her die in chains.
Can she fight the lingering painful death?
Green fading in the last light
Dreams will be all that is left soon
Her destiny is not hers alone.  


Wither would you walk with me In the shadows of the morning?
And gaze languidly o’er a lake of tears
Dream ghosts on the ether
A thousand unfulfilled dreams
Another place, another time
Gently rolling mist of morning
Greys and muted greens
Chilled air and a gentle awakening.  


Take me home, to the place I once knew
Take me home
Where the sky burnt with the brightness
Of a thousand dreams
Where the air was pure and hearts beat With the melody of the ancients  
I’ve come back to the place I once knew
Where the sky gleams with a brightness
Of a thousand dreams
But the air is not pure
But my heart it still beats With the melody of the ancients  
So carry me back, to the land I hold dear
To a day in a glade or the headland again
Where the spirits of the past
Call loud and call clear
And I know I am back In that place of no fear.  


Watcher of the crashing sea
Boundless ancient power ‘neath the moon
Beating wings, unbound and free
Finding the doorways open.  


Frozen in time
They gave us a dream
But the dream was not mine

No pain in the dawn, hearing crashing waves
Calling me home to a home I know not
To a world they say doesn’t exist
A time out of place, a people unknown
A time to be free, a time to know
To wander the shores of eternity  
To feel the sand, to know the wind
Per chance to dream
Of a lost world
A neon glow, are the mysteries lost?
In the sound of a world unforgiving?
Take me far on the wings of a dream
Dark shadows, window rimmed
Where two hearts beat in the dark
Two lost souls seeking solace
In harsh words the world they rebuke
Pulling at the tattered veil
That hides the horrors of mortality
Seeking the truth in the burnt out shell
Of nature’s fragility
It has been torn which should not be so
In their hearts they feel it
From the darkness-soaked reason
From the exhaustion of seeking a reality
Of pleasure not pain but they can find no solace
Even the gentle touch brings pain
Though the harshness of a reality is kept at bay
By others careless oblivion
They don’t yet know, but they might guess
Only in the gentle touch
The solace worth remembering
What it felt like, the lover’s touch
The meaning without words
The hushed elation where nothing matters
Where peace of spirit binds lover to love.

I write as the mood takes me and most of what I write I hear as song lyrics.  The tunes are lost now but the words live on.

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