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The way to the future starts in the past... -
Welcome to Eden Dream.

We are a small patch of land on this beautiful ball of rock and here we try to do things that are worthwhile.  You are welcome to join us.

Proposed Projects include:

Building A Labyrinth as a permanent monument
Setting up puppet theatres to combat depression



This is an exciting new project which brings together my admin skills and a love of puppets which was inspired by Widget and we hope puppeteers new and veteran.  Hopefully we can provide help to set up mini travelling puppet theatres around the UK.

The concept is to organise a Theatre which is a group of people or rather groups of people around the UK who are able to put on shows.  They work on a Self Employed basis and put on shows when I (or they) can get bookings.  We work together to create the shows and then any group can put the show on if it is booked.  The shows travel, not the puppeteers and puppets.

The basic idea is that we have a group of people who can work together.  We provide them with a small pop up theatre (gazebo which is sign written and easy to put up, with sides) and the lighting and sound equipment.  We also get the bookings although the groups are welcome to get their own bookings as well.

The shows are "units" which are written by our puppeteers or those who work with us.  Each group writes their own show (in association with other groups) or someone else writes it and performs it first.  That show then goes into the general pot and can be booked by organisations etc to be performed by any of the groups.  As each group provides a show and gets to use all the shows there is no individual payment for this work.

The shows we are thinking of are more the "fun for kids" than artistic interpretations etc although it is also possible to put on adult shows.  

Where we get the opportunity to help a venue then we can write specifically for that place.  We also hope to look into some local tales and these will be specific to the areas they relate to.  

We are proposing that the puppet bodies are all the same, about the size of a child so they can wear "real clothes" as well.  We are also discussing using commercially available puppets.  We also sell these. There are loads of options.  We would like to work with full size puppets as well, especially for the storytelling.

A current idea is to have actors as the full size puppets as well as puppets of them.  This works well with the Frixian idea of the puppets being inhabited by creatures who protect children.

We are looking for working puppeteers who would like to entertain children either as private shows or in venues.  

We are setting up a theatre here but that is only for filming so that we have something to sell.  We welcome puppeteers to come and help us to set up these shows.  We do pay expenses e.g. stay in the Holiday Inn (unless you prefer a tent and a night around the firepit!).  Here we are also making full size puppets.  Groups are also encouraged to have these as storytellers etc.

We are hoping to set up our own little theatre here to try out shows and storytelling especially.  We would love to set up a way of recording here so that puppeteers can come here and use our amazing storytelling area, record stories and then these stories could be seen all over the world.

This is a friendly supportive group whereby everyone benefits and experience and skills can be shared and learnt.  We especially welcome those new to professional puppeteering an fresh from College as well as "veterans" who can share their experience!

We are also thinking about using commercially produced puppets as that would fit in with the idea that Frixian inhabit already made toys and puppets.  

The Hayday Theatre is a group of Theatres which are able to be booked by venues, attractions and private parties.  We are building up a list of plays and shows which can be performed by any of our groups.

The Theatre provides a ten by ten foot mini theatre which can be erected indoors or out.  We also provide sound and lighting, sets and costumes for shows and organise the transportation of these shows.

There is a story for the puppets, they are Frixian who are dedicated to battling the depression caused by the wicked Goblian.  They are becoming actors to spread stories and happiness.  The story is written in a book which is available on Amazon.  STORY

Fferm Castell Gwyrdd Labyrinth

We are not overcomplicating this.  We would like to use the Chartres Labyrinth design.  It can be marked out in the field. We would like a gravel path so we are asking for anyone who has spare stones to send them to us.  

Thompson & Morgan have sent us packs of lavender seeds.  We have bought a mini polytunnel and in February we will follow the instructions and plant them.  When they are big enough they will mark out the "walls".

We would like to make a recording of the creation.  At the moment it is a patch in the middle of a field with a huge patch of compost which is breaking own to pot on the Lavender!  So nothing exciting to see yet.  

As there will be an area in the middle we thought it would be lovely to put a Healing Circle there.  A healing circle is a collection of gemstones and a Book (already purchased).  Anyone can send a name to be put in the book.  We ask healers and those who would send goodwill to send their energy on the last Thursday of the month.  Healing and energy then goes out to those who need it. 

The book is also a Book Of Remembrance so you can also send names of people you would like remembered.

If you would like to add a gemstone as a direct link to the Healing Circle you are welcome to.  Please either post us a stone or buy one from us.
Building the Labyrinth

If you would like to help you can buy a gemstone for the Healing Circle

We need to create nearly 300m of path.  We have two options, to buy the stones for this or to ask for them to be sent to us.  We have decided that asking for others to be involved in this would be a lovely way of building a lasting monument.  

So, please post us stones and old feed bags (or compost bags).  We can then mark out the Labyrinth and as the stones arrive we can build the path bit by bit until we get to the middle bit. 

A Healing Circle is a circle of goodwill.  We will hold a book of names of people who would like to be remembered on the last Thursday of every month.  We cannot read out the names but the book will be put in the circle on that day as a remembrance of those who have passed away, for goodwill to go out to those who need it and as a thank you to those who have been a part of building it as their names go in the book as well.  

Anyone anywhere can ask to be put in the book.  They don't have to come here and it doesn't cost anything.  

We are hoping to make a documentary of the making of the Labyrinth and add in as many Labyrinth based facts as possible.  This will be in English and Welsh.  If anyone would like to translate and narrate it into another language that would be very welcome.  

We have been given packets of Lavender Seeds by Thompson & Morgan.  So in February as part of the documentary we will plant and grow them.  Although, we've hit a bit of a hitch.  I bought one of those polytunnel/greenhouses, the green ones.  We have taken in a rescue German Shepherd who was a little bit upset his first night and of all things he chose to chew that.  So it may look a little patched!  Jerry is forgiven, he's adorable.

Of Old Castles and wild places...

We are all on a journey.  Our paths cross and re-cross.  No two moments are the same.

For us this is journey's end.  This place is all that I could wish for but the missing piece could be plans, hopes and dreams that you have.  We have the space and we have 28 days where we can make other people's hopes and dreams become reality.

We are a place of many parts...


These beautiful little goats are rare breed and the numbers are frighteningly low.  In 2006 6 were brought from Arapawa Island to try to conserve them.  Since then the story has been chequered and we are now left with few in the UK but those who have them are dedicated and love them.  We have the great honour to have some and we would like to set up a permanent Sanctuary.  

They are not commercially viable and up to this point I have funded their upkeep myself.  They are living with our other goats but to be able to breed them properly and keep the lines pure we need to create a safe and comfortable area for them.  Hopefully we can fundraise to raise the money to do this or we can find some help to get the work done without a vast outlay of valuable funds.


There is a fabulous place to stay just down the road and a friendly taxi firm with people carriers to bring you here.  So you can have the luxury of a hotel and the wildness of this place.  An ideal combination if you enjoy a comfortable bed and a shower in the morning!

The Mansion House, Llansteffan .

Sunrise Bay aravan Park, Llansteffan, SA33 5LP 01267 241394
Fernhill Fach, Self Catering Holiday Cottage Glogddu, Llangain 07837 223969
Tan y Lan Fach Cottages, Church Road, Carmarthen
Ger-Y-Berllan, Llansteffan 01267 241052
Dreamers Halt 15 Picton Place, Carmarthen
Tir Celyn Emlyn Terrace Pensarn Carmarthen 
Drumore B&B Llsonnel Road, Carmarthen 01267 237077
Bythyn Creigiau (Sleeps 6)

Pauls Taxis


The path stretches from Amroth to Burry Port.  We are very close to the path with a right of way which goes to it so ideal of you want to investigate it.  Our bit comes under the Llansteffan bit on the brochure.  


We are not a "site" as such.  We have 28 days we can offer to others so that they can enjoy this place too.  Please contact us if you are interested at


Bring the family for a week's holiday!  Why not?

Castles & Palace Tour etc
Book Your Hotel/Guest House and end up here for the evening.
Either a Minibus or we can negotiate something with Pauls Taxis
St Davids Bishops Palace
Lamphey Bishops Palace
Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber
St Dogmaels Abbey and Coach House
Cilgerran Castle
Laugharne Castle
Kidwelly Castle
Weobley Castle
Oxwich Castle
Dinefwr Castle
Carreg Cennen Castle
Margam Stones Museum
Ewenny Priory
Castell Coch
Caerphilly Castle
Tretower Court and Castle
Blaenavon Ironworks
Caerleon Roman FOrtress and Baths
Grosmont Castle
White Castle
Raglan Castle
Coity Castle
Caerwent Roman Town
Tintern Abbey
Chepstow Castle
Llansteffan Castle
Carmarthen Castle
Clarswell Medieval House
Carew Castle Manorbier Castle
Pembroke Castle
Picton Castle
Llawhaden Castle
Wiston Castle
Haverfordwest Castle
Nevern Castle
Dryslwyn Castle
Loughor Castle
Oystermouth Castle
Swansea Castle, 
Ogmore Castle,
and back for tea and a get together here at Old Castle before returning to where you are staying.

This world is an amazing place.  Nature in all its tooth and claw is the most magnificent of things that will always win out.  We can drag the weeds kicking and screaming to the compost heap but they will be back as they are natural.  We can force nature to our will but the Mother will laugh and decide otherwise.

Blessed be all those who are good in this world but to those who wish others ill will, I wish you all that you deserve with love and light.  So shall it be...
(c) Angela Timms 2018

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