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Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -


Thank you for visiting our web site.

We have many exciting new projects "on the go". 


#growingpride New Instagram Account 

What is Green Castle Community Farm?
It is a farm which feeds the Community which is powered by local people and visitors who give their time to create a source of food and produce for the local area (and posted food boxes).

It is a Community of ideas and associated projects which are in their infancy and over the years we hope will build its own vibrant Community of Helpers and Friends.

An idea hit me. 

Would people rather charity or pride? There are people who are time rich but money poor. Not their fault and they are vibrant intelligent people who have so much to give.

So, how about a scheme where people put in hours for credits to have food and produce when it has been created. That way it is a direct return for work done and no need to feel like there is a need for charity, hence #growingpride. 

Membership Applications received before 31st January 2020 will include the right to earn Green Coin.  After that date applicants are still welcome but they may have to wait until someone gives up their "slot".

If you donate then your money will be used to get this place started as a Community Farm.  

Carmarthen Labyrinth

The area is waiting to create a Labyrinth.  All we need are the stones and people who are interested in laying it out.  

Art on the Wire 2020

Anyone can be part of this exhibition and it doesn't cost much. All you need to do is paint something recycled e.g. back of a cereal packet piece of cardboard, make it waterproof and we will attach it to the fence along the public footpath as part of a permanent Art Exhibition.

Poetry on a Post

Anyone can be a part of this.  Once you have written your poem all you need to do is print it out or write it out, waterproof it and attach it to one of the posts along the public footpath at the bottom of our big field.  

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