Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... - WELCOME
Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -

Thank you for visiting our web site.

We have many exciting new projects "on the go".  


Everyone has skills.  Some are professional, some are just needed.  What we are starting is an Agency whereby those who need jobs done can be put in touch with traders and individuals who can do those jobs.  

All of our Agency Workers will be interviewed and would be expected to provide a CV, references and a CRB check.

As an added reassurance, no worker is paid until a photo of the completed job is submitted for our files and the client has signed the work sheet to agree that they are happy with the work.

I'm looking for a voluntary bilingual Secretary to help me set this up.  A post which will become paid as soon as we get on our feet.

We welcome "back to work", "Semi Retired" as well as full time tradespeople.  

Serenity Gardening Club

We have set aside an area to create a beautiful garden. If you haven't got a garden of your own and would like to join others to create and enjoy a garden, please get in touch.  Membership is free.  

Carmarthen Labyrinth

The area is waiting to create a Labyrinth.  All we need are the stones and people who are interested in laying it out.  

Art on the Wire 2020

Anyone can be part of this exhibition and it doesn't cost much. All you need to do is paint something recycled e.g. back of a cereal packet piece of cardboard, make it waterproof and we will attach it to the fence along the public footpath as part of a permanent Art Exhibition.

Poetry on a Post

Anyone can be a part of this.  Once you have written your poem all you need to do is print it out or write it out, waterproof it and attach it to one of the posts along the public footpath at the bottom of our big field.  

Serenity Beekeeping Club

If you can't keep bees where you are and would like to why not join together and keep bees here?  Membership is free but you may have to "chip in" or fundraise to buy the hives.  We have one barefoot hive which needs repairing which could be used.  This is a social and practical club.  When any honey is harvested and sold everyone  who has put in time and effort gets a share of the profits.

Serenity Food Boxes

We have a large area which could be very productive and we'd like to start a "Community Farm".  If anyone is interested please get in touch.

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