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The way to the future starts in the past... -
Of Old Castles and wild places...

As a writer I have to listen and remember and the world is an ever rich source of ideas and "magic", even the bad things!

Finding this place was somewhat amazing.  The lack of a house, well after many years trying to stay one step ahead of a couple of two hundred year old houses the luxury of a small area to heat was a blessing...  A time to focus on what is important, not the vanity of life.

I'm looking a little wild these days but a suit and make up have no place in a country setting.  The animals have to come first and preening is something that is for the vain.  It is a time to see the self in its entirety without the masks and fakery of everyday life.  But, it is also a chance to see others from a distance as well, and the very thin veil that is pulled over their insecurities and frailties.

This world is an amazing place.  Nature in all its tooth and claw is the most magnificent of things that will always win out.  We can drag the weeds kicking and screaming to the compost heap but they will be back as they are natural.  We can force nature to our will but the Mother will laugh and decide otherwise.

When you move in somewhere you have to see what there is there.  There is what you see on the outside and what is "real".  Here we arrived and assumed that it was the place for all the "old" hopes and dreams.  

What has become evident is that it is a place for others' hopes and dreams.  By that I mean that rather than running events ourselves and trying to "balance too many plates" it is time for us to concentrate on the infrastructure and what we do (keeping goats and dogs).  Where the "other people's dreams" comes into it is that we are able to offer a lovely place for workshops and other events (subject to the 28 day rule).

I don't know what the journey was all about, or if it was just the journey but over the years I have been led to many places.  From the ancient churches and castles of Europe to a network here in the UK of both Christian and Pagan sites I have walked a web which has been informative and empowering.  The journey has led me here, close to Merlin's birthplace and a place of mystery for the imagination. 

Through training with the College of Psychic Studies and with White Eagle I have been blessed with the skills that I need to see beyond the normal.  Or more accurately to now that what I was seeing was real.  It may seem "odd and a bit geeky" to those non spiritual but I bless my gift and what I have been shown.  It has been a long journey, not just in this lifetime. 

Blessed be all those who are good in this world but to those who wish others ill will, I wish you all that you deserve with love and light.  So shall it be...

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