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What is the Eden Dream?

The dream of the return to living with the land without the problems that knowledge caused.

Eden Dream is about being normal.  It is about having a job or not, about having a home, having a family and living a normal life.  It is about having everything that you would expect or want BUT having it in a gentle way that doesn't harm the planet.  It is about living in a normal house in a normal way but looking for alternatives.  It is about those little adaptations that make the difference.

Everyone can care.  I was called a Trendy Leftie once because I dropped by to see my parents after a dinner dance in "civvies" as I'd been to the Ideal Home Exhibition all day.  Being a hippy in a field won't help the planet.  Being a "normal" person who lives in a "normal" way that doesn't harm the planet and which encourages others gently to do the same as it is the logical thing to do will.  

If everyone ran to the country to "live with nature" there would be no nature.  If everyone lives in a happy way, having what they need and being a little conscious about what they don't need then it will make a difference.  Even buying things from Charity Shops is a way of recycling but giving to Charity Shops is as well.  

You don't have to run around with a placard being a voice for the planet to be a voice for the planet.  Just be you and do what YOU feel is right.

Why do people have to be as they are?  

We live in a wonderful world which could be like Eden, everyone having what they need...  Greed and a seeking for more than is needed I suppose and a fear of letting go.  The need to be "seen" to be successful when in truth the only successful person is the one content with exactly what they have living in a world they are not destroying.

I started Eden Dream in the late 1990s.  The name was inspired by friends of mine who wrote a poem which was a perfect vision for me of a world which provided what we needed without us destroying it or each other.  I've now written up the story they were all a part of at the time, created by them, written by me.  The Eden Dream

Since then of course the world has given me a "right good kicking" for those beliefs and having trust in some people and I have been disappointed.  But, there is also something far greater than us, and there is a vision which is far greater than the need for the next fast car or a big and expensive home (things I've been offered on a number of occasions).  There is a vision of hope and happiness which sounds pretty "wet" in this day and age where everything revolves around status and how people "view you".

Believe me, I've done the private education (don't knock it, I was taught to be an individual as Bancrofts School in my mind stands out for encouraging all ideas and ideals), working in the City and having the "nice" house and all the trappings...  They can bring you happiness, I was happy but I knew there was much more which has guided me for a very long time.

There was a time I nearly gave up.  I'd just had my hip replaced after an awful time, the dream seemed to be in tatters.  I was sitting in a chair wondering whether to give up...  Glastonbury was on the TV and U2 came on with Bono singing Jerusalem and Where the Streets Have No Name and as I thought, yes I will stand up, walk again and get on with things...

Many of us probably have a vision of how we think the world should be.  Many of us are broken hearted because of the way the world is and in truth that is purely because of the people in it.  Everything is repressed and controlled by how people think they should be and how they should appear to others when in truth the structure has broken down.   

In my grandparents' and even my parents' day being polite and having manners were important.  It was of course "smart" for children to rebel but they did know better and eventually they would fit in after a bit of rebellion to express their creativity.  In many ways they were conforming and finding their way and who they were.  

I hear it over and over again that neighbours don't get on.  People don't get on because they don't want to.  

There is a "curse" a past good friend once told me about.  "May you live in interesting times".  It seems that some people want to live in "interesting times" so rather than embracing the colour of the world they are intent on prejudice and trying to make the world conform to the ideal that they have in their head.

Etiquette and structure is there for a purpose.  It takes us from being cavemen and makes us what we can be.  Intellect and intelligence should provide the structure within we can all co-habit on this ball of rock.  But, when someone breaks that and "goes caveman" the only hope you have is the structure and the Law.  When that doesn't seem to be supporting then that is when the structure breaks down.  

This is a difficult time and a time of change.  It is perhaps a time to turn back to the land (even your back garden or window box) as a way to sustain yourself and a way to take back "personal power" of being able to feed yourself (even a little bit).   Recently I've been looking into Herbal Medicine and there could be something to it... Well there always was! 

The earth will provide and back "in the day" we were all able to eat from the land.

Mankind likes to name and categorise.  The animals of the earth brought to Adam to be given a name.  But in naming there is a degree of control over another creature and the creature has no idea it has a name.  Mankind likes to feel comfortable and having a tick box exercise and some way of "Keeping up with the Jones'" or feeling superior has made life comfortably organised for some.  It has to be.  Why else would they get out of bed in the morning and go and do jobs which need to be done.  That is the whole point.  A world of anarchy would not work.  It would very soon lead to a world of bored people with no food and everything that you see around you would be no more.  It might be a dream not to have to be on that train in the morning trundling into work but what would you do?  There would be no leisure because all the things you use and want would not exist and you'd have to spend your day growing your food, making your clothes and whittling your own bowl!  So, if you are lucky enough to be in a position that your income comes from alternative creative sources which doesn't make you go to an office every day, then do not view those who do as being "in the box".  

If... big word!  If this world was perfect.  It will only move that way if we want it to and we have to be practical.  Someone has to be in charge as there are so many things that need to be organised so that today's society can function.  That needs a structure of Civil Servants (the word is "Servant", it is quite apt).  There needs to be a structure in which the basics can be provided and provided for but it is our responsibility to provide those "Servants" with the funds to be able to provide better services.  So when you work and pay your taxes, feel proud that there is a street under your feet etc.

Having a "job" or "something you do" brings a sense of purpose and when that is lost that is when the darker emotions can take over.  Then again all too often people are judged by their "job".  Every job makes a world and every job is important.  There is a song about the person who makes the "thingemebob" but without the "thingemebobs" there would be no machine and no society with the things that we all enjoy.

Eden Dream is not about sitting in a tent in a field living on lentils and cabbage and "not harming the world" man...  It is about having all the things that you need WITHOUT harming the world around you.  It is about looking at the alternatives which can in fact allow you more...

In my novel "Nemesis" which became "Thunder in the Mountains" I explored the idea of an AI who looked at the world and shut down technology so that the world could rebuild.  Although that would be some people's dream I hope that the anarchy that I tried to convey in that novel is something that they would consider before thinking that is a "good option".  A return to basics would be perfect for a world where people get on...  

There is nothing wrong with this world...
You are not saving the world, it has been there before you and it will be there afterwards...

You are saving yourself.
You are learning to live and be happy with what you have
A fair day's pay for a fair day's work

Dare I quote it but I do like it... be yourself and harm none.

What does it matter what you look like?
Though if you enjoy your look and want to look good that is up to you

What does it matter what you wear?
I remember a time of New Romantics, Punks and colourful creative clothing which although making people "tribal" did at least put colour and creativity into everyday life.  If you look around now, it is all a bit bland...

If you want to wear a dress, wear a dress (if practical)
If you want to wear a suit, wear a suit
Be who YOU want to be, not what people expect you to be...
Unless you are doing a job of work and a certain dress code is needed.

Mankind has various cries for help where enforced image takes over.  We have all heard of anorexia, bulimia, OCD and a whole list of reactions to a world where we are not able to express ourselves and where we are all pushed into an image created by others.

If you are thin, be thin.
If you aspire to be thin, be thin if YOU want to be.
If you are have an ample figure, revel in it if you are healthy

If you are fat because of stress and comfort eating, cry for help
If you are thin because you have taken image to far, cry for help

Or deal with it yourself.

You are a beautiful wonderful creation who can do so much
If the world is holding you back, don't let it.

You have the ability to change the world
Many small lights make a big light
Many drops make an ocean
Wanting, believing and "walking your walk" will lead others.

We can't all live in the country or there would be no country
We can't all live in the woods or there would be no woods
If you love the country, live in the city and go and see it


WILD should be WILD.  
WILD ANIMALS ARE DANGEROUS.  Leave them to their world and keep to yours.  You don't need to go there, they live there.

Everyone's view of a perfect world is different.  

I'm old now.  A crone if you want to put it in pagan terms...  Not quite venerable yet but I've lived long enough to see a lot of things.

We all have a responsibility to this world
If you stand on a fragile football, don't kick it


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