Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... - "Blog"?
Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -

I have many ideas and I'm sure that the people who become associated with this place will as well.  The beauty of this is that if it is possible, we can do them!

The beauty of a lot of things that could be done here is that it involves planning as much as doing.  So if you aren't a "doer" either by choice or by disability you could certainly still be of value as a thinker, reader or planner.  

Much of what it is hoped to achieve involves information gathering and then using it.  So there is plenty of interest for those who can't be so active.

It would be lovely to put on craft stalls and if things could be made for it to fundraise.  We will need people to sit by the stall, to make things and to promote what we do.

We need writers and storytellers.  We need puppeteers and people who can make things.

Before we start many projects they will need to be planned.  That can take a thinking crew.

This place has to survive and to do that bills have to be paid.  But, that is all part of it and the "interest".  If we grow extra vegetables we can sell them and that brings in money to survive.


I need people who can knit to knit goat catchers to sell to fundraise.  I'll put a picture here when I've finished the one I'm working on.


We need an accountant.


Knitters (Knitting circle or home knitting)
Herb Carers (people to take herbs home with them and care for them)
Donkey Handler (To calm and train the donkeys)
Pony Handler (and rider)
Goat Handler & Mucker Outer (help with the goats)
Dog Handlers
Shed creation
Projects:  The Magnetic Power Wheel

THE £10 Challenge

On Sunday morning there is a Car Boot Sale at the Showground.  The challenge is to take £10 and buy things.  We then put them on Ebay.  You get your £10 back less any fees.  We get any profit.  The winner is the person who makes the most profit.

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