Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... - Angela Timms NOVELS
Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -
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Mal's Song by Vixy and Tony Lyrics
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When The Followers first started everyone thought that they were a refreshing answer to the world's problems.  Then as they bred and multiplied in number soon they were in charge.  Then things changed.  Many do stand against them.  Many still think they are the benevolent benefactors who bring peace and order.

The story moves on but I can't say much about it or it will ruin book one!

Widget is a puppet...  she is also the "host" for a benevolent spirit, a Frixian.  Frixians have protected children since there were children...  they are alien and inhabit toys to protect children from the monster under the bed, or wardrobe, or wherever... the monsters being Goblians, their arch enemies.  Goblians cause depression and all the negative and unwanted unexplained thoughts and dark emotions. 

The also incorporates the writings of The Toymaker.  It tells his story and other characters.  The Toymaker writes fairy tales, it incorporates the first of his stories.

Widget is a physical puppet.  We sometimes take her places and photographs turn up on her Facebook page when we have visited places and sometimes she reviews them.  We hope to do this more when we can get the Harley out for a spin.

Ramblings of fingers who want to write.

by Kathryn Moon
Who would have thought that a computer geek in Brighton would create a pet AI on his laptop which ends up in control of all technology on the planet...  That is what happens when you take your pet to work.  After he has shut down all technology on the planet in an effort to save humanity things get a little more basic.  This is the story of one of the "safe houses" he has created, a smallholding in Wales, and what happens afterwards...

Inspired by life on a smallholding and roleplaying experiences it is hopefully a different spin on life after the apocalypse.  Nemesis means well but thinks like a computer, logical.  It also inspired thoughts of how could you survive after an apocalypse in a practical sense.  Many of the ideas that I thought through fitted with the original plan at the old house for sustainable living.  To be sustainable truly you must be able to live without outside input.  That in itself is very hard when you actually look into the practicalities of doing it.  It actually needs quite a few people to make it happen and viable.  That means more mouths to feed.  I started with the intention of trying out a "model" at the old place, it didn't work due to external influence.  Who knows with the new place, bigger and more practical...

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