Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... - Be Who You Are?
Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -


Who are you?
What defines you?
Who do you want to be?

We are all born and grow up.  We have personality traits that are either our own or those which have been the influence of our upbringing, our parents, our siblings or our friends.  Even emotions can "rub off" on us.

If you strip away the expectations of the modern world and those around you, who are you?  Are you the person you project or are you genuinely that person?  

What drives you?
What do you truly want?

Is it the respect of others?  If so, how do you try to achieve that?  Is it by what you own or the job you do?  Is it by the wisdom you speak?  Is it by appearing to be intelligent?

Sit yourself down in a peaceful place with no music, sounds or other influences and take a piece of paper and a pen and draw a stick person.  That is you.  On the right note down all the genuine aspects that are you.  On the left write down all the parts of you that are what the world expects you to be.

At the bottom of the page write all the "titles" that you have e.g. wife, mother, husband, father, employee, employer etc.

You are who you are.  We are no one person or another.  We can't really be put in a box and titled as we are all capable of much more than we think that we are, and much less.  It all depends on the situation.

So, who are you without all that?  

A square peg will fit in a round hole if you cut off the corners or squeeze it through.  But it will never be a comfortable fit.  You will still be drawn to what you truly want and you'll have to suppress it and thereby starts the foundation of emotional and physical non well ness.  

These days we are more liberated and we are more able to express our inner selves much more.  We are able to accept that sometimes we are not born into the right body and we can realign to how we feel deep down we should be.  After so many reincarnations it is no surprise.  On our holidays we can express who we would want to be, we can set aside who we have to be to put a roof over our head.  But even those holidays can be another source of conformity and fitting into what is expected.

Responsibility is the jailor of the creative mind.  Creativity has to be relegated to hobby which has to be funded by more work.  Many would be happy just doing something creative and getting their income from it.  Many a dream there has been shattered by the high costs of ground rents, postal costs, selling fees and the general cost of actually getting people to know what you do even before finding out if they actually want what you make.

Again, the step away from "Eden" where everyone had enough and everyone had a purpose.  And now those who have the intelligence want to make that situation worse by bringing robots into the workplace.

What gives you purpose?  Why do you get up in the morning?  

It may seem utopian to be able to play games all day and many games do give a sense of satisfaction with completing levels and achieving.  If that is your world then those achievements are no less viable than in the real world if you don't need to earn a living.  

We will have more time for crafts and creativity if we don't have to work.  But, who pays for that?  As more people are forced onto benefits as there are no jobs for them, who will pay for the benefits?  Is it all unsustainable?

Who are you?  Are you being lost in a world where you can't be and do what you want to be and do because there isn't the opportunity?  Happy is the person who gets paid for doing what they love but they will never love all of it.

I remember my first month at work.  I didn't really take it seriously, it wasn't the job I wanted to do and although it was a really good job I didn't "fit" into it that well.  It was as a Trainee Bank Manager.  The salary was good, I was paid two years older than my age bracket and if I followed the manual and did the courses I'd have a good career at the end of it.  The fellow employees were pleasant and the work wasn't that challenging or unpleasant and at the end of the month I had a chunk of money which, as I lived at my parents' home, was great fun to spend.  I chose clothes that suited the job and my life had to fit around the job's hours.  It had a purpose, a pattern and a structure.  It had a natural progression to aim for and a "security" in those days.  My life was sorted.  It should have dictated my friends as I had to make sure obviously that I had the "right" sort of friends and it would lead to the right sort of car, the right sort of house, the right sort of husband and the right sort of respect.  But, at eighteen, that was an awful lot of right turns.

Like many (or likely most) people I didn't fit.  Why would I?  Mankind is an animal and animals have basic needs.  When we stepped away from hunter/gatherer/farmer to a desk job we stepped away from being "natural" in many ways.  We still have the basic instincts, somehow transmuted to the boardroom etc., the same needs.  

We are civilised, thus bound by rules which allow a society to function without the need of a tribal base whereby the same sort of rules apply except they are policed by the tribe.  If you have worked hard for something, why should someone else take it.  

We can never live in the perfect world as that world will never be perfect for everyone.  For some the perfect world would be what others would find totally abhorrent, e.g. a world where everything is controlled and there is no expression of creativity which can be seen as rebelliousness or anarchy.

What is the point to people?  There isn't a point and that is the point.  What are you supposed to achieve?  You aren't.  The whole point is how you live your life and what enjoyment you have out of it.  If you crave the new Audi, have the new Audi as it will be all those things you expect it to be if you honestly believe that those things are important.  If you are just doing it to "keep up with the Joneses" then shame on you as you'll never be happy and you'll always be seeking the next one so never content.

Happy is the person who is happy with where they are, who they are with and what they are doing.  Happy is the person who has a roof over their head, food on the table and enough...  What you deem as enough is what defines the struggle you are setting for yourself.  Why you do it e.g. not for yourself but for how others will think of you, will define how happy you will be about achieving it.

Only at times of struggle do you see what is really important.  That us usually just after you have lost all the things that are truly important.  

Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun.
Apparent wisdom without knowledge is just as dangerous.

What is my point here?

Well what we are offering is the opportunity to strip away all the trappings and see who you are without them.  We are offering a break from the responsibility of them.

It may or may not sound appealing but if you are looking for your inner you then it may sound the best answer you have ever heard.

There are courses you can do.
There are books you can read.
Of, you can come here, stay in a tent, poo in a bucket in another tent, live by torchlight, be by yourself (or come as a couple) and have time to think things over and evaluate what is really important.


Semi Wild Camping here is 5 a night per person.
Sole hire of the site to yourself is 50 per night.
Any donation to the Arapawa Sanctuary is gratefully received as well.


If you buy your tent via the internet and get it delivered here we will put it up for you for 20.  At the end of your time you can take it with you or leave it behind.  If you leave it we will sell it in aid of the Arapawa Sanctuary.  A list of available tents will appear on a separate page once we have tents available.

Pets are welcome but dogs must be on a lead at all times as we have animals wandering about.

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