The way to the future starts in the past... - Blank
The way to the future starts in the past... -
Hi there,  
We are trying to be different. 

We have a tech person here who will do the set up of the tech for the show.  Once that show is set up then every group can use it.  We would do a show here which is filmed so we have something to "sell".  That show then can be used by any group.  

You will get a share of a fee per party or a share of the ticket price if it is a ticket show.  We are hoping to sell to venues, schools etc.  We hope to encourage puppetry and the basic theme is fighting the black dog of depression so we hope to wind that into the stories via the Frixian's fight with the Goblians.  

We do indeed hope to get people together to do the start up plays which involves the rehearsals and a finished show as it will mean that everyone gets to see the show done and have their input.  It also gives an audience of the puppets as "themselves" as we'd ask those not in the show being filmed to be the audience with their puppets in everyday clothes.  This is to help build up the idea of the puppets being actors who put on the plays and wear the costumes.  If you are going to have to perform a show then I am sure you want it to be something you are happy with so everyone can be part of the rehearsals.  

The nature of the Frixian story is that the entities who are the actors can inhabit any toy or puppet.  So we can make puppets specifically, use already made ones who have been used for other shows and now would be left laying around for the rest of their "careers" or we can buy in puppets which parents can buy for children so that they too can be involved in puppetry.  

For the set up shows we intend to record them and we can then sell the downloads as an extra market and income for the group doing that play and for us to keep on funding this.  They will be available as a paid download to anyone anywhere in the world.  They are also a selling point as those buying the shows for their venue will know exactly what they are getting.    

It may well that you get less than equity minimum but you also get a share of the post show sales of the show.  The tech person is to record each show when there are a lot of people there and to record the audience (with permission which is made clear and part of the agreement when they buy a ticket).  The purchased shows will be edited here to show audience participation.  You would also be able to charge for photos with the public (selfies with the puppets) and if you do private visits for parties with the puppets then that is your money as long as you protect the puppet!  The idea that the puppets are the actors and have a "life" beyond the stage means that we can introduce this sort of thing.  If there is time I will include them in future novels so that they can "do things" beyond the mini theatre which becomes part of an ongoing story, I will try.  I have one book out at the moment self published on Amazon "No Strings Attached" by Angela Timms and I hope that writers may well come on board to help develop the "story" as we also have a smallholding to run and there are only so many hours in the day.  We can then encourage people to add to this story with their own tales.  You would have the potential to do several shows and private visits in a day and I hope that everyone in the groups will do their bit to do a bit of promotion.  

We are also planning to introduce some shows just as filmed performances which could be done here.  

When a new show is being introduced we could do the whole "red carpet" thing filmed as the puppets arrive in their "ordinary" clothes for the "premier" and the film of the show is then available for paid download and the puppeteers get a share.

Those would be filmed here and we have an amazing location.  It is an old castle, just the motte but we have a natural theatre which is a mini quarry which looks like a stage.  It needs sorting out and clearing of some saplings but it will be an amazing natural space when it is ready.  We are hoping to use this for doing filmed storytelling and possibly readings of authors’ books etc.  
Hopefully we can build a strong and supportive group of puppeteers who can put on shows in their own area.  We may have to start with just one or two areas because of the cost of set up.  Hopefully enthusiasm will drive the creation of new shows (and demand!).  

Rehearsals here would involve staying in a Holiday Inn (or camping!) and working during the day.  If the weather is likely to be difficult we will time it when one of our barns is empty so we can put the tent up in there.  If the weather is good we can use anywhere here with a tent or the storytelling area.
May I ask how long in general it takes to rehearse a show?  We would have a couple to rehearse at the same time so possibly one after the other, culminating in the filmed “premier”.

The shows we would like the groups to think about are a general show for 2019, a Pantomime for 2019 Christmas and possibly Midsummer Nights Dream as a possibility for one big recorded puppet show here for Midsummer 2019 (filmed or possibly live if we can sort out the logistics of letting the public in etc.).  That would be a “walk around” using some of the wonderfully atmospheric areas here.  The woodland was pretty much abandoned for 16 years before we bought the place and we have part of an ancient woodland.  To preserve it we can’t have the public walking all over the delicate mosses etc but with care we could film some scenes in these pretty backdrops.

We can add further shows as we gain more areas.
All the best

The Frixian Story and all material relating to the Hayday Theatre is (c) Angela Timms 2018
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