Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... - Building the Labyrinth
Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -
Labyrinths have been here for many, many years.  We would like to build one here.

Physically it is a monument for the future.

Spiritually it is a focus for peace and unity and us all being on one path however convoluted.

I recently had a card reading and the answer was very straightforward.  I am exactly where I should be and doing what I should be doing.  The connection with the earth is strong and most of all the power of the water here (spring) and it's healing abilities should be something that becomes more important.

Knowing this we have moved the proposed location of the Labyrinth down into "Hidden Valley".  This will put it in a beautiful location which is only accessed with permission.  It also makes it more private so it is more suitable for weddings and ceremonies.

The Labyrinth won't be finished for a very long time.  There is only me working on it and I've got to grow the lavender first.  

The Healing Circle however can start now as I have the stones from the Healing Circle from the "old place".  

This has to be created with love and in the firm belief that it is the right thing to do.  It can't be rushed and "thrown together", it has to be created spiritually, at the right time and at the right aspect of the moon etc.  It also has to be created when it "feels right".  


It was obviously not by chance that I bought a copy of Spirit and Destiny and there was an article about Labyrinths in it.  I'd set up a Healing Circle at the old place but I had to leave there as the ex's father wanted his gift back and that had to be paid and I couldn't afford to keep the place going.  So we moved here, which is much more suitable.

This place was not for sale when we looked for a place to set up a centre for healing and education.  I had to wait for it to come onto the market and to be ready for all this.  I have had a long personal journey that has brought me here and hopefully this will be a place for others who have similarly had a long and possibly difficult journey to find a bit of peace.

We can build this on a mixture of goodwill and those who want to be a part of this project.  

Here we hope to be a neutral place which welcomes all religions and beliefs.  The place is old, but all places are!  The rock under our feet has all been there the same amount of time.  We can call this place ancient as it has an "old castle" here.  Out on the field there is a feeling of "defence" and the spring which gave it life is still running today, bringing fresh clean water and life.

Much of the land around here has been given to the Woodland Trust, so this place is surrounded by the woods on many sides.  These woods welcome the public and have good paths and walks.  

The old energy of the wood is in every step.  I've encountered it since I first moved here.  I can feel it when I walk "down there" and it is time for it to come alive again and welcome those who are attuned to its ancient and natural power.

A place of healing, so it was natural to set up a Healing Circle.  But, unlike before where it was a collection of stones which anyone could send energy to or take energy from, the new Healing Circle is more interactive.  It was an idea which came to me when I was thinking about relocating the proposed site to make it more private.  We have a gift shop and we do sell gemstones.  So why don't we sell stones which can be put in the circle with other stones, in a beautiful green organza bag.  I can then send that stone to you.  

The cost for this is the stone, the bag and posting it in an envelope to you.  

I am inviting healers to send energy to the circle.  I can also charge the circle with Reiki Healing Energy as I am a qualified Reiki Master so I know for certain that healing is going into the circle.  It also has the natural energy of the area which the stone will absorb.  It is an idea, it feels right and the small amount of profit we make from the stones will pay to fence the area so that we can actually build it.  

Hidden Valley is visited by the goats and ponies so we cannot build the labyrinth until the fence is put in or they would enjoy eating the lavender.  Fencing is expensive and although we have had the seeds donated there is no point planting them "in situ" until they are safe.

I was delighted that my letter to Spirit and Destiny about this was published in February 2019's issue of the magazine.  It was lovely that they think our project is worthwhile enough to mention.


When I visualised this I saw a small circle within which there are gemstones which are a focus for energy.  Around this when we can afford it we will lay an area of gravel.  There is a lovely one called "Moonstone" which is blue and white.  

Until then we will not disturb the natural grass so we will immediately have an area for ceremonies, weddings and private visits should anyone wish to.

The Healing Circle can also be a place for everyone.  We are more than aware that even though we are just off of the A40 that travelling may not be possible for most people.  So we are happy for this to be a "virtual" place and with modern technology we can make this place available to everyone, whether you want to or can visit the place or not.  This is all free, we will put it on YouTube.

Asking for healing energy from here will cost you nothing.  All you have to do is to put a message here, on  our Facebook Page (Carmarthen Labyrinth), send us a stone to stay here (can be a gemstone, beach stone or stone from your garden) or buy a stone.  If you buy a gemstone we will put it in the circle for the next healing day and then post it to you in a lovely organza bag.

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We will not ask you for something without letting you have something in return if you buy a stone.  Rather than leave a stone here we can send it to you.  You can buy one for yourself or you can buy one as a gift for someone else and we will send it directly to them.  

We are selling gemstones which we will put in the circle for you so that they are bathed in the healing energy.  We charge no more than for the stones and a lovely little organza bag for you to keep your gemstone in when it arrives, plus the postage.

Gemstones include Rose Quartz, Quartz, Obsidian, Petrified Wood etc.  Please email with your choice of stone.

We do not expect a lot of people to physically visit the Labyrinth when it is finished.  It is a place of focus.  It will also be a monument for the future and here for you when you need somewhere to focus your thoughts for healing and support.

The Old Castle has all but been forgotten.  In the 1100s it was a working castle.  By the 1600s another castle (house) had been built and that took the name Green Castle and Old Castle became known as Castle Moel Motte, bare castle.  It has been farmland since then although due to its shape mostly grazed by horses for the last few years.

The shape of the castle is still clearly seen with two distinct levels, land dropping away around it leaving it as the "high point".  Now enjoyed by goats.

We have the firm belief that we need to do "something" for the future.  It was only when reading an article on Labyrinths in Spirit & Destiny that a link between research I had done in the past and this place came together.

I first went to Lundy Island many years ago.  It was fascinated by the church which is aligned so that the Midsummer sun falls on the altar.  The link to Chartres Cathedral came next as that is aligned the same way.  I have not yet been to Chartres and now with the goats I doubt that I will.  It was a slight surprise when I found out that there was a labyrinth at Chartres after deciding that one here would be a good idea.  

Message from Tony Christie (who wrote the book and the article in Spirit & Destiny)


As regards the size of the labyrinth, if you are using gravel and stones to mark the path then for a Chartres labyrinth you will need more than 50ft diameter. The Chartres labyrinth is paved and the paths are only 13 inches wide and the lines between them 3 inches wide.  When using stones you will need to have a wider path: the width depends on the size of the stones. If you have a 15ft diameter centre, then the diameter of the whole labyrinth would be 60ft.  As regards how much gravel, it depends on how level the ground is underneath the gravel, and how wet the ground gets.  A common depth is 6 inches, laid on top of weedblock membrane. To get the cubic capacity of the gravel, you multiply the area by the depth.  The area of a 60ft circle is 2828 square feet; so the cubic capacity or a 60 ft diameter circle of 6 inches depth that would be approximately 1414 cubic feet.  That is approximately 96 metric tonnes, which is quite an amount of gravel.  You would be looking at truckloads rather than tonne bags.

You can reduce the amount and cost by having less depth. Also, some people use the cheapest gravel for the subsurface and spread a thin layer of more decorative stones on the top.

A cheaper alternative to begin with is to gravel the centre healing area where people will be standing, and use large stones to mark the lines with a grass path.  You could use the lavender between the paths instead of stones, but lavender can spread quite wide when growing, so you would need a decent path width between the lavender. So you need to know how wide the labyrinth would get before laying out the labyrinth.

Marking out a Chartres labyrinth takes a full day.  My rate for a day is €500 plus expenses, but this is negotiable so we can talk when you are at that stage.

Hope this helps. I'd be interested in hearing what David Furlong has to say about your project.

Love Light and Wisdom

Tony Christie


From the dawn of time mankind has built monuments so why not now?

This is an exciting project which we plan to complete in March/April 2019 (limited by the time it will take to grow the lavender!)  We will start documenting the growth of the lavender and the construction project from clearing the land to the finished Labyrinth and the first people to walk it.  

We would love the narrative for this to be in Welsh and English.  It is also proposed that the project is presented by Widget the puppet as a child friendly version.

I have contacted Carmarthen College and they have said that they hope to be able to provide a Welsh speaker for the Welsh narrative.

I have contacted an actor friend and he is going to ask around to see if he can find someone to provide an English narrative.

Labyrinths are ancient.  Unlike mazes there is only one way in and out.  They can be laid out in many ways (stones, plants etc) as there is no need for a wall to hide the direction.  They can be walked or viewed from above.  

We have chosen the style of the one at Chartres because of previous research into St Helens Church on Lundy and Chartres Cathedral.  The Landmark Trust, who own the church have this very useful download.

A Healing Circle is a focus for healing and a place of peace where people can come for a stress free environment.  It is a place which focuses on peace and the path of life.  In walking the labyrinth it is possible to focus on the progress of life.  

After a quick search of the internet there is only one other and that is in Ottawa, Canada.  

At certain times of the year it would be lovely to arrange a meet up in Green Castle Woods Car Park for a walk in the woods and a walk to here ending in walking the Labyrinth.

We are hoping to create a lasting landmark for the future which has its roots in the past in a historic place.

There is a labyrinth in the Cathedral at Chartres.  That one is a pattern in the floor of the cathedral.  That is the pattern we have chosen as it reflects the seven chakras as well as the four elements which allows it to be like a Medicine Wheel as well.  The walls don't have to be high so a lavender hedge would be sufficient.  As it is not likely to be walked a lot the soil between the lavender should be sufficient for the path to start with.  if we do get visitors then we will have to address any wear and tear and sort something out.

The project is hoped to be filmed as a documentary by Sarah Langwith and we would like the narrative to be in Welsh and English.  We will start the documentary right from the creative phase to the actual physical completion.  

Chartres Labyrinth

Overall Diameter 12.895m 
Diameter of Middle 3.035m
Path Length 263.05m
113 Elements + 1 in gap
6 petals + 1 in centre
0.355m each

Gravel Path 264m long 40cm wide

Diameter 12.895 minus middle 3.035 = 9.760m 
Divide by 2 = 4.88m outside
Divide by 11 paths = 0.44cm 
Allow for Lavender hedge planting between path or around it

Path Area 263.05 x 0.4 (max - may reduce to allow for lavender growth)

105.22 m sq divided by 8 (gravel coverage) = 14 bags
105.22 m sq divided by 7 (thicker gravel coverage) = 15 bags


Radius = 3.035 divided by 2 = 1.517
A = Pi r 2
Radius squared = 2.301
Pi = 3.14
= 7.22 m sq = 1-2 bags

Lavender Hedge

264m long path
6 Packs of 110 seeds donated by Thompson & Morgan
Plastic Greenhouse already purchased @ 120 (Purchased by Eden Dream)
Pots already donated 
Planting February


Ash tree which fell down last year
Chainsaw into chunks

Gravel & Weed Matting Quote

61.35 Each 20 bags = 1227.00


Prices do not include VAT which will be charged at the standard rate.


Distance Healing
Private Meditations
Ceremonies e.g. Wedding
Annual Worldwide Prayer for Peace
Solstice Gathering
Forest Walk & Meditation
Reiki Healing (portable bed already owned)


Central Firepit
114 Jars for Tea Light or 114 Solar Lights
7 Lanterns and/or 7 Solar Lights
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