The way to the future starts in the past... - Building the Labyrinth
The way to the future starts in the past... -

This is a project to physically build a Labyrinth on our field here at Old Castle.  

We can build this on goodwill.  We are asking those who wish to take part to send us stones or bring stones to add to the path.  We'll mark out the Labyrinth but the path can grow over the years.  We have been given lavender and that will be planted in February and can go out as soon as it is big enough.  The grass is walkable, we just won't plough it, we'll use the grass as it is.  

We have gemstones from the previous circle at the plaec we mov ed from.  This can be the beginning focus but you are welcome to send us gmstones or buy them from us to go into the circle.  

I will buy a Healing Book and anyone who sends a message asking for help will have their name put in the book for the next energy sending.

That way we can make it as cheaply as possible and we don't have to ask people for actual money unless they want to help that way.

The location is perfect as it is alongside a Public Footpath which runs down the track which cuts Old Castle in half.  The Public Footpath links up with the Coast Path and some lovely walks around Green Castle Woods.

The Labyrinth, once built will be a focus for meditation and energy healing.  We do not expect a lot of people to physically visit it, it is a place of focus.  It will be a monument for the future.

Old Castle has all but been forgotten.  In the 1100s it was a working castle.  By the 1600s another castle (house) had been built and that took the name Green Castle and Old Castle became known as Castle Moel Motte, bare castle.  It has been farmland since then although due to its shape mostly grazed by horses for the last few years.

The shape of the castle is still clearly seen with two distinct levels, land dropping away around it leaving it as the "high point".  Now enjoyed by goats.

We have the firm belief that we need to do "something" for the future.  It was only when reading an article on Labyrinths in Spirit & Destiny that a link between research I had done in the past and this place came together.

I first went to Lundy Island many years ago.  It was fascinated by the church which is aligned so that the Midsummer sun falls on the altar.  The link to Chartres Cathedral came next as that is aligned the same way.  I have not yet been to Chartres and now with the goats I doubt that I will.  It was a slight surprise when I found out that there was a labyrinth at Chartres after deciding that one here would be a good idea.  

We have options of course.  There are cheap options and a more permanent gravel option.  As funds are limited here that will all depend on fundraising.  The main importance of course is the design and the intent.  The labyrinth can be as simple as stones laying it out, or a lavender wall which defines it with grass in between.  If it is walked however it will become muddy underfoot.

The field will need to be prepared in any case and a flat fifty foot by fifty foot area cleared.  Once cleared it will have to have the design set out and weed matting laid down with gravel on top.  We then need to plant Lavender plants to make a low hedge.  In the centre we are planning a ten foot diameter circle of gravel with a "Healing Circle" in the middle where those who need help can place gemstones or we can place gemstones for them.  Anyone who wants healing can place a message here and we welcome Healers to send energy to the circle.
Hi Tony,

I was doing my calculations on the information given by the builders merchants who have said that a bag does 8 metres squared.  Thompson & Morgan have sent Munstead lavender seeds.  I've bought one of those plastic greenhouses and the lavender seeds can be started in February.

I would imagine that the labyrinth won't be walked very much and will be more of a spiritual hub for people to send energy to as the one at my last place which was just a collection of stones.  We may be in a tourist area but we are a little "off the beaten track".

At the moment I am researching into using animal feed bags on top of of weed matting as I have used that in the past to build paths and it is a good use of a non-recyclable resource (which is free).  It may be an idea to put the cheapest underneath and then have a layer of the Moonstone.  

Message from Tony Christie (who wrote the book and the article in Spirit & Destiny)


As regards the size of the labyrinth, if you are using gravel and stones to mark the path then for a Chartres labyrinth you will need more than 50ft diameter. The Chartres labyrinth is paved and the paths are only 13 inches wide and the lines between them 3 inches wide.  When using stones you will need to have a wider path: the width depends on the size of the stones. If you have a 15ft diameter centre, then the diameter of the whole labyrinth would be 60ft.  As regards how much gravel, it depends on how level the ground is underneath the gravel, and how wet the ground gets.  A common depth is 6 inches, laid on top of weedblock membrane. To get the cubic capacity of the gravel, you multiply the area by the depth.  The area of a 60ft circle is 2828 square feet; so the cubic capacity or a 60 ft diameter circle of 6 inches depth that would be approximately 1414 cubic feet.  That is approximately 96 metric tonnes, which is quite an amount of gravel.  You would be looking at truckloads rather than tonne bags.

You can reduce the amount and cost by having less depth. Also, some people use the cheapest gravel for the subsurface and spread a thin layer of more decorative stones on the top.

A cheaper alternative to begin with is to gravel the centre healing area where people will be standing, and use large stones to mark the lines with a grass path.  You could use the lavender between the paths instead of stones, but lavender can spread quite wide when growing, so you would need a decent path width between the lavender. So you need to know how wide the labyrinth would get before laying out the labyrinth.

Marking out a Chartres labyrinth takes a full day.  My rate for a day is €500 plus expenses, but this is negotiable so we can talk when you are at that stage.

Hope this helps. I'd be interested in hearing what David Furlong has to say about your project.

Love Light and Wisdom

Tony Christie
We are in the process of deciding whether to make a request for animal feed bags to lay under the gravel.  This will not only cut down the amount we need to fundraise, it will be a practical use for a waste product.  


From the dawn of time mankind has built monuments so why not now?

This is an exciting project which we plan to complete in March/April 2019 (limited by the time it will take to grow the lavender!)  We will start documenting the growth of the lavender and the construction project from clearing the land to the finished Labyrinth and the first people to walk it.  

We would love the narrative for this to be in Welsh and English.  It is also proposed that the project is presented by Widget the puppet as a child friendly version.

I have contacted Carmarthen College and they have said that they hope to be able to provide a Welsh speaker for the Welsh narrative.

I have contacted an actor friend and he is going to ask around to see if he can find someone to provide an English narrative.

Labyrinths are ancient.  Unlike mazes there is only one way in and out.  They can be laid out in many ways (stones, plants etc) as there is no need for a wall to hide the direction.  They can be walked or viewed from above.  

We have chosen the style of the one at Chartres because of previous research into St Helens Church on Lundy and Chartres Cathedral.  The Landmark Trust, who own the church have this very useful download.

A Healing Circle is a focus for healing and a place of peace where people can come for a stress free environment.  It is a place which focuses on peace and the path of life.  In walking the labyrinth it is possible to focus on the progress of life.  

After a quick search of the internet there is only one other and that is in Ottawa, Canada.  

At certain times of the year it would be lovely to arrange a meet up in Green Castle Woods Car Park for a walk in the woods and a walk to here ending in walking the Labyrinth.

Our location here is perfect as a Public Footpath makes its way down our drive across our land.  There is also access from Green Castle Woods through our land so those who are invited can park in Green Castle Woods Car Park, enjoy a beautiful walk in the woods and then come and walk the Labyrinth.
We are hoping to create a lasting landmark for the future which has its roots in the past in a historic place.

There is a labyrinth in the Cathedral at Chartres .  That one is a pattern in the floor of the cathedral.  That is the pattern we have chosen as it reflects the seven chakras as well as the four elements which allows it to be like a Medicine Wheel as well.  The walls don't have to be high so a lavender hedge would be sufficient and the path, well Moonstone Gravel would look great (pebbles, not real moonstone - it is blue and white).

The project is being filmed as a documentary by Sarah Langwith and we would like the narrative to be in Welsh and English.  We will start the documentary right from the creative phase to the actual physical completion.  

Costs for the physical construction of this labyrinth will be covered by funds raised by crowdfunding.  It is an exciting project which will provide a monument for the future.

The structure is just under fifty feet square if we replicate the Chartres Labyrinth.  it makes sense to create it here at our smallholding which is also an old castle to create a "new monument for the future".  
As it is a physical place, those who would like to send stones for the circle are welcome to.  On occasion for special dates we may offer an invitation for people to physically visit the Circle for a get together and it will also be possible to visit the Labyrinth to enjoy walking it.

We would like to use the pattern of the Chartres Labyrinth and align it in the same way as Chartres Cathedral and the church on Lundy Island.  This should mean that the Midsummer Sunset should shine from the entrance to the middle.  The Chartres Labyrinth was created in 1201.  This castle (only the motte remains) was built in the 1100s so it seems appropriate and the inclusion of the four elements as well as the seven chakras makes it more complicated but worthwhile.

At the time of writing this I have emailed Tony Christie who wrote the book "Labyrinth: Your Path to Self Discovery" and who creates Labyrinths to come and create it.  

Chartres Labyrinth

Overall Diameter 12.895m 
Diameter of Middle 3.035m
Path Length 263.05m
113 Elements + 1 in gap
6 petals + 1 in centre
0.355m each

Gravel Path 264m long 40cm wide

Diameter 12.895 minus middle 3.035 = 9.760m 
Divide by 2 = 4.88m outside
Divide by 11 paths = 0.44cm 
Allow for Lavender hedge planting between path or around it

Path Area 263.05 x 0.4 (max - may reduce to allow for lavender growth)

105.22 m sq divided by 8 (gravel coverage) = 14 bags
105.22 m sq divided by 7 (thicker gravel coverage) = 15 bags


Radius = 3.035 divided by 2 = 1.517
A = Pi r 2
Radius squared = 2.301
Pi = 3.14
= 7.22 m sq = 1-2 bags

Lavender Hedge

264m long path
6 Packs of 110 seeds donated by Thompson & Morgan
Plastic Greenhouse already purchased @ 120 (Purchased by Eden Dream)
Pots already donated 
Planting February


Ash tree which fell down last year
Chainsaw into chunks

Gravel & Weed Matting Quote

61.35 Each 20 bags = 1227.00


Prices do not include VAT which will be charged at the standard rate.


Distance Healing
Private Meditations
Ceremonies e.g. Wedding
Annual Worldwide Prayer for Peace
Solstice Gathering
Forest Walk & Meditation
Reiki Healing (portable bed already owned)


Central Firepit
114 Jars for Tea Light or 114 Solar Lights
7 Lanterns and/or 7 Solar Lights


Sarah Langwith has already volunteered to do the physical filming of the project
Colleg Sir Gar, Carmarthen College may provide the Welsh Speaker

Research on Lundy which was used in Phoenix Rising which I used in one chaper of my book led to discovering a similarity between the church on Lundy and the Cathedral.  I read an article on labyrinths and thought it would be a good idea to add to the new healing circle.  The writer of the book that the article was about may help but he is in Ireland and as we hope to fundraise and ask for volunteers this may not be possible.

The Lavender Hedge is another possible big expense.  Thompson & Morgan seeds have been in touch and they have offered some packs of seed.  We have been given some pots already so now is a chance to use them.  We'll have to sort out some sort of greenhouse or polytunnel to plant them when they have to go in about February time.  As soon as they are big enough they can go into the gap between the gravel path.


On a rainy Saturday in September I'm looking at the facts and figures.  The layout is easy, it has already been drawn up by someone and the figure works are already done.  CHATRES PLAN.

So now I have dimensions and lengths.  A fifty foot square field, 866ft of pathways, a 10ft diameter healing circle (stones in the middle, seats around).  113 elements would be substituted by 113 seats for people to sit around the outside.  

Orientation of Lundy Church 
Orientation of Chatres Cathedral


7 Central Members
114 Outer Members




You are welcome to buy a gemstone which will be placed in the Healing Circle part of the Labyrinth.  
We will put your name in a Healing Book so that healing is sent to you once a month.
We will email you a photograph of your gemstone as it is added to the Healing Circle.  
All proceeds go to building the Labyrinth.

You can also buy some handmade things I have made.  

Sacred Geometry LUNDY
Keys to the Kingdom 
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