Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... - Dear Diary...
Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -
2nd October 2019

A sunny day (ish) so out the goats go for their daily adventure.  As they skip off down into Hidden Valley my thoughts turn to what I can do while they are out and the barn is empty.

It is not ideal.  The roof needs repairing but it is too far up for us to do it.  Niall isn't good with heights and has a bad back anyway and with my hip, I don't rely on it 100%.  I've texted the guy who put in our doors as he does rooves and hopefully he will get back to me but I'm not sure what the cost will be.

On Monday I bought some tough garden sacks.  It is my task each day now to muck out into these bags and set them aside for the Gardeners.  The pile is growing and the land is waiting for it to be spread.

We have to think of recycling and be mindful of what we use.  There is some plastic left over from the hay wrapping.  I'm going to suggest that it is made into bed covers for the plants thick enough that it can be rolled up each year and put down again over winter on new beds.  This will add to the plastic which is coming off of the wrapped hay.

So far the hay we had cut isn't great.  I don't think that the company rolled it enough as we are getting damp patches.  We can work around this but it makes 181 bales a lot less.  

It is a good thing that they aren't so reedy as last year but a bad thing in a way as I used the reed for bedding.  We will be buying bedding this year so another cost.  At the moment they are on sawdust which is being collected for the new veg patches and mixed with compost.

The dogs are off to the vets for their boosters.  I was so proud of Gambit as it was his first booster.  The vet was pleased with him and commented on his amazing ears.  He has taken after his mum in all ways, including those amazing bat like ears!  

Oscar was just Oscar.  He can be charming to a vet and didn't even growl when I lifted him onto the table.  She was amazed at his teeth.  For an 11 year old dog he has perfect teeth.  That is because I keep the sugar to a minimum and they have dog treats and a weekly bone for "Bone Pub".  It used to be "Bone Club" or "Game of Bones" but since Solo passed away it is too much of a memory of him.

Purdey and Jaz have been for their check up and they passed with flying colours and have had their booster etc.  Jaz needs to get on a diet poor love...  I was told to drop the tinned meat and just feed kibble.  I am now not very popular!  

I've a mountain of tins still to wash to get out in the recycling next week.  Still, last time and I can't say I'm upset about that.  Similarly my bank account is breathing a sigh of relief.  If it isn't doing them any good then best to do what the vet says.

I told the vet about Kya.  She agreed with me.  Kya is 15 and has a huge lump which is definitely a tumour as she has lost a lot of weight.  She isn't in pain and her breathing is ok so far.  If she shows any sign of pain I'll take her for that last journey but I'd rather she spent her last days with Jack, her beloved friend and passes away quietly at home.

Jack will then have to be rehomed.  He has been a fabulous stud dog but he is a definite Alpha and doesn't get on with other male dogs.  He needs careful handling and someone who knows GSDs but he is a lovely boy, he was housetrained and I shouldn't have a problem.  I'll get him neutered before he goes to calm him down a bit and to make sure he goes to a loving home rather than a kennel.  

Ziggy and Geddy Lee are much happier now that Pandora has moved out.  They are quite a couple.  Pandora is happier with Gambit and Alice.

Alice, now there's an odd one.  She is Sable but looks more like a wolf and is very small.  She can climb!  She climbs the walls and sits on the wall to get a better view!

The goats are about to go into the winter "lockdown".  They will still go out on occasion but I expect there will be days they can't.  That is when mucking out will be fun...  they are keen to help and they make it longer but much more amusing.  

Work towards the Sanctuary is slow.  There have been calls already and thankfully with a bit of advice the goats have managed to stay where they are.

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