Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... - Free Power Experiment
Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -

We have been discussing this one for a few years now and we'd like to try to actually build one to prove that it works.

The idea comes from two others which are already patented.  It is not patentable because I've already put it in one of my novels to make it "Public Domain".

The main principle we are working with is that magnets repel and provide a propulsion from repelling.

The physical structure revolves around a water wheel augmented by magnets which repel to multiply the power of the wheel which is spinning.

So you start with a water wheel on a fixed rod which is attached to a turbine.  This is inserted in a tube which is fixed.  

There are magnets on the inside of the outer tube and the outside of the water wheel.  So the water wheel is pushed into moving faster by the magnets.

This is not a full size "huge" water wheel, it can be small.

The water supply to the water wheel would be best coming from a Hydro Ram as that has a "push push" action caused by the way the water is pumped.

We also looked at the fan from the front of our 4x4 which was replaced.  Water dropping onto the fan if it is laid flat would make it turn and the magnets would augment this.  It already comes with a fixed outer circle and the inner bit able to turn.

We had the idea if the wheel is on its side to have gills around it in front of each of the magnets and the magnets on the outer rim being on paddles which flip over the gills.  This would make sure that the magnets are not presented to each other in any way that would attract and slow the wheel down.

If you would like to be involved with this please contact us at

Hopefully we can make some examples of this and prove that it works.  

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