Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... - GREEN CASTLE COMMUNITY FARM
Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -


A place where YOU can farm!  and a "City Farm" where people can visit and meet the furred and feathery crew.

What is it for?

We are aiming to feed Carmarthen and the surrounding towns and villages as well as to create goods which can be sold throughout the UK.

We are aiming to offer those who are able the opportunity to help out here either as volunteers or to earn "food credits" which can be exchanged for food boxes, camping, events etc at a later date.  

It is a place of many aspects because our "Crew" (anyone who helps out here) are multifaceted.  The place itself is "more than just a farm" as it has many aspects and strings to its bow. 

It is:

Camping Space
Small Theatre
and probably much more...

We welcome all race, class and religion here.  The place is ancient and we respect the old ways and the new.  There is no discrimination, if a job needs to be done and you can do it, you do it.  

Why so varied?

Well...  It is simple really.  Everything fits together like a web.

If we are going to welcome those who are time rich, some will be time rich because they have children to think about.  So we had better find a way to look after our next generation and teach them to love this place and the land too...

For the Children (and big children)...

They are the future so bringing them here at an early age and letting them help is the only way we are going to exist into the future.  If we have things they can enjoy here then that will give their parents or guardians the opportunity to help here when they are not looking after the children.  
Of course the animals that the children enjoy "playing with" are not toys, they too need looking after and are working as hard as the others!

Widget was created about 10 years ago at a Murder Mystery party and the story took on a life of its own (No Strings Attached). She and the other puppets are the foundation of the Hayday Theatre Company. It is a separate entity but hopefully it will keep children amused while their parents get a chance to enjoy the land without worrying what their small ones are up to.

For Art and Poetry...

Because our crew are creative...
The Art and Poetry Exhibitions, the Pet Cemetery and Memorial Trees are all things we can provide for visitors.  From this their holidays will be enriched and hopefully they will visit our Gift Shop and help with the finances!

So that is the why of the other activities.

What is the Community Farm?

It is a Farm which feeds the Community by selling Food Boxes which include Vegetables, Fruit and Meat

Our crew prepares the land, plants the vegetables and harvests it for Food Boxes which are sold, delivered, exchanged for credits or given to other organisations to help cut down their costs...

It does what it says on the Food Box.

The animals need looking after and we keep our "parent" animals and those who provide milk as part of our family. They are put out to pasture here when their retire, they are crew too.

These animals are our Crew as much as the people are. They have names and a place here for life and it is our responsibility to keep them safe, well fed and happy.

We already have GOATS and we will be adding to the herd to provide a source of milk for dairy products for the FOOD BOXES as well as produce for the GIFT SHOP.

PIGS are fast growing.  They are ideal for FOOD BOXES as meat, bacon and preserved meats.  We will therefore keep pigs and I would suggest Tamworth as it is an older breed.  It is suggested to keep a boar and his sows, buying them in very young and letting everyone handle them as they grow up.  We then only sell the produce of the  offspring.  Our friends do not go to slaughter!

SHEEP are a possibility for MEAT, WOOL and MILK. 

So, come and join us.

We need VOLUNTEERS who give their time.
We need CONTRIBUTERS who donate their money.
We need HELPERS who work for credits.


Meetings are being held to discuss other organisations using this place... watch this space...

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