The way to the future starts in the past... - Goat Racing
The way to the future starts in the past... -
Goat Racing

When you breed goats unless you are REALLY lucky you are going to end up with a number of boys every year.  The question always is what to do with them.  They are cute but there are only so many bucks you can keep so some of them will have to be banded and become wethers (castrated males).

There is no real point for them other than pets, harness goats or now we would suggest racing goats.

We don't want to overcomplicate this.  It is a bit of fun and something that the children who want to keep them as pets can get involved in as well as adults.  You can take this as seriously as you want to.

We have only just had ours born this year so we will be training ours along with you if you choose to get involved.  They naturally run for their food, so why not mark out a "track" and feed them at the end of it so that they run the track naturally once you have shown them how.  You can then make them a little saddle blanket or just let them run and film it for YouTube which will verify your times.

Join up, we can then talk about the rules and distance and things like that.

If you haven't had this year's kids yet then you are still welcome to express and interest and join up.  

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