The way to the future starts in the past... - Hayday Theatre Text
The way to the future starts in the past... -
If you are kind enough to publicise us you are welcome to use this text.  Many thanks for any help you can give us to get this project started.

The Hayday Theatre is a friendly group of puppeteers who put on shows in their area so they don't have to travel.  The shows do the travelling.  

Through mutual support we hope to put on shows with an underlying theme of battling depression by introducing happiness into life.  This is encouraged by the puppet's story that they are all Frixians who have become actors to try to combat the problem.  

We provide equipment on loan.  The groups provide the script, puppets and shows.  We then get bookings for those shows and let people know that they are available for hire (both individuals and venues).

Our puppets have a "life of their own" and are the actors.  They are a standard size so that they can wear children's clothes for appearances outside the Theatre and so that the costumes can circulate with the shows.  We provide a "show in a box" which can be sent to whichever group has that show booked.  The show comes with the light, sound and costume as well as the script.

Puppeteers are self employed and are welcome to work elsewhere as well.  We find what work we can, so the only commitment is to honour any bookings that we find. 

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