Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... - Hayday Theatre
Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -

Welcome to the Hayday Theatre.  

We believe this is a new concept in theatre as the performers are puppets but they are the actors.  They put on costumes and they become the characters in the play.  Their keepers, the puppeteers bring them to life and the play is there for you to enjoy.  The shows circulate between the groups so if you would like to book a specific show you can.

The puppets are Frixians and actors.  They have their own personalities and hopefully you'll get to know them better.

New for 2019 we are proud to announce travelling puppet shows which will be turning up in places around the UK.  Please keep checking back with us and we'll be adding groups as we get them set up.  The groups are local to the area where they perform, it is the shows that do the travelling.

This is all very exciting and also very simple.  We are finding some exciting people in various areas, putting them in touch with each other to form a group and employing them to put on shows just for you.  They set up in an area and they run shows in places such as schools, libraries or anywhere else that would like to benefit from a visit.  

The shows travel, the puppet companies don't.  Each mini theatre is available for hire in their "home town".  They are ready, willing and able to bring puppet fun to any location and they bring their own mini theatre (10ft x 10ft) which can be put up nearly anywhere (but please don't challenge us, we mean sensible places!).

Widget has had an idea and she has spoken to her Frixian friends.  They agree and they are all keen to put on shows around the UK.  With their puppet handlers of course.  The puppets are the actors in the plays.  They put on their costumes and they play their roles but they can also visit you outside the theatre if you would like them to visit your party or appear anywhere independently.  You can book the puppet as well as booking the theatre.

We have an exciting line up of puppeteers.  We'll tell you more about them very soon.

Widget is a Frixian puppet.  She has visited various locations in the past few years and the idea came to her that bringing exciting shows and puppets to visit these places would be great for everyone.

When we were at Oakwood a little boy came over.  It was his birthday and he was very happy to tell Widget.  She loved talking to him but it would have been amazing if there had been puppets walking around with their handlers and shows there.  

Other sites too may well benefit from our skilled puppeteers who are able to engage the interest of their audience.

More puppeteers are joining us daily.  The Toymaker is going to have to be very busy to bring all these Frixians into being.

We offer a full package when you book with us.  Our puppeteers will turn up with a mini theatre and put on a show for you.  This can be a one off or it can be a longer engagement if you have a venue which would benefit from the excitement of a puppet show.  

We have travelling shows which means that the show is always fresh but we can also write shows specifically for your venue.  We can also incorporate a walk around with the puppets and photographs taken with the puppets.  Each show is filmed and a copy of this recording is always available to be purchased together with a small gift of a finger puppet.  

We are happy to visit schools, libraries, galleries, parties and other venues.  Please contact us for more information and booking for 2019. 

Don't worry children.  The adults don't know that Widget and Gadget are real Frixians.  They think they are puppets.  You know better though, don't you.  

Life is what you make it.  If you constantly look for the negative then negative is what you will find.  

The Frixian Story is written elsewhere on this web site.  Very soon we will have a new web site linked to this one which is all about the Theatres and as more and more groups join us the web site will grow to include information about them, the shows and the Frixian puppets.

Shows will include "Mystery Plays", Pantomimes and perhaps a little Shakespeare.  

As well as the puppet theatres we also hope to have a travelling troupe of puppeteers and actors where the puppets are as big as the actors.  These are the Frixians at full size.  If course they can't "be" Frixians, they can only inhabit puppet as Frixians are ethereal in this dimensi
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As well as plays written by our puppeteers we are also proposing to include Traditional Fairy Stories, Legends, Grimms Fairy Stories (may be adult or older children), Shakespeare's Plays (older audience), Nativity, Pantomime and other ideas as they develop.  

The Frixian story has been started in No Strings Attached by Angela Timms (available on Amazon - self published).

We are also proposing to encourage those who would like to do voice overs and to read author's books.  We are looking for the "voices" for the puppets.  The stories can be recorded elsewhere and the small theatre is being set up here in the "storytelling area", a small quarry close to "Hidden Valley".

The Why and Wherefore...

Frixians are the embodiment of the fight against depression.  It touches so many people's lives and many people know first hand how debilitating it can be.  The Frixians embody the love of family and friends.  When a bear or a toy is given as a gift of love, that love in some way is a small protection against depression or at least a little reminder that you are loved when the black dog comes to call.  Depression is represented by the wicked Goblians. They are everywhere and they are increasing in number so more people are effected by them.  The more of them that they are, the more they can effect, the more they effect the more of them are brought into creation.  

The Frixians represent love and hope.  They are alien creatures that inhabit those toys, given by love and they are there to protect when the giver of the toy can't be.  

When they are seen by humans they are just toys, when they are on their own, that is a different matter.

The Frixian story started about ten years ago.  I'd already bought the first puppet as I used to sell them.  It was in a box and came out when we ran a roleplaying event in our small barn.  It was a little aside to amuse the "audience" when there was a lull in the action.  So, "Widget" came into being through answering questions put to the puppet about who and what she was.... so began the creation (or in the story, discovery) of these wonderful creatures who are all but gone from the world.

In the novel the story is developed and Widget and other creatures have begun to bring back the entities who can bring happiness...  the story goes on.  

The Frixian story runs in parallel with the Hayday Theatre.  The Frixians are now having purpose built bodies made so that they can be the actors and bring uplifting and meaningful stories to those who may come under the influence of the wicked Goblians.  

Depression is an awful debilitating slithering monster that destroys hope, creativity and happiness.  It is a battle that needs to be addressed and won.  We intend through our shows to promote the ability to fight this wicked creature...
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