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Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -

The current set up of deep bedding and communal living is great for goats who grew up together.  It is a bit of a scramble at feeding time but it has worked.  They go out for the day, we set their food up for their return and they rush in and eat it.

BUT, it doesn't cater for individual needs and the stronger and healthier obviously do better.  

This would not work for a situation where we have weaker goats and the elderly joining us.

What we need to do is to divide the barn up into individual pens and pens for small groups.  This will allow them to be fed individually and for heat lamps to be provided for the elderly goats in the winter.

The lovely big barn is great BUT the roof is very high and this means it is cold for the winter.  What we would like to do is put a "roof" on the pens when they are built.

If we put a little extra effort and investment in we could make them strong enough for the goats to play on the rooftops as well.  That would mean a frame beneath but it would give them longevity.

As you will see from the picture there is also a very low wall when it comes to goats between this portion of the barn and the "bay" next door (accessed by a separate door from the outside).  Amy Pond jumped that wall and got a bit of a surprise.  She was ok but we immediately put up wind sheeting to stop it happening again.  

When we have new and possibly harder to handle goats we will need to make sure that they can't jump over.  So a low wooden wall needs to be installed along the top of the old one to make it just that bit higher.

So we need met posts, timber and posts.  

The barn needs to be cleared first of the "compost" which the goats have so kindly made.  This needs to be moved to the vegetable patch to make the raised beds which will provide the vegetable goat food for the winter.  

We are joining the two projects together as one feeds the other.  The compost from the barn will be the basis for the veg plot as the compost will fill the raised beds ready for next year's planting.

We also need to feed a work party of volunteers!

We will need:

Fit flush Met Posts or other form of fixing (20 bay sides)
Shuttering Ply for walls and roof
Wooden Posts
Hay racks
Feeding Bowls
Lighting and Power Supply Installation
Wood for raised beds
Digger Hire
Petrol for Quad & Digger

Now I have to get a costing for these materials etc.

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