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Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -
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The name Moonshadow Creations was apt as when I started making things for people (mostly fantasy costumes) it was usually in the evening after I got home from work.  So most of my work was done under the shadow of the moon.

Life has moved on from those days of sitting at the dining table and burning out the sewing machine's engine completing orders for deadlines.  

The last of those sewing machines has now gone.  As is the one I was given as they drowned when the garage flooded at the old house.  So for a while I have been without a sewing machine.  There were plenty of things to take up that time.  There has been so much to do here...  

Just before Christmas last year I made some things for Craft Fairs.  Unfortunately life got so busy that I only managed to do one.  

I'm just starting making things again.  

I've been making mobiles as decorations or for babies in their cribs.  If you would like to buy something please email me.

Bat Mobile
Six pounds plus postage.

All mobiles are six pounds each.  I can make them with any design that you choose.  I can also make them from a silhouette of your pet.  

I'm very happy to combine postage.  

Mobiles and felt hanging shapes are being created for Halloween and Christmas to put on your tree and decorate your house.

All items are available in our GIFT SHOP.
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