The way to the future starts in the past... - Nemesis & Widget Work Parties
The way to the future starts in the past... -


Shadows caressed the grass.  The ancient trees stood sentinel and Nemesis looked out over the landscape through his security camera eye.

Momentarily he felt all that there was, all the information, writing, personal messages and all that he could physically see through every camera he had access to (which is all of them).

He ran through the Thunder in the Mountains novel he had already written to see what the response to it had been and for a split second he computed all the information he had just gathered together.

Thus again he sent out the invitation to roleplayers deemed the most likely to survive.  He called them to his new chosen location.

"Come to this location if you want to live"....

Nemesis is an overlying "plot" for those who come to help out at Old Castle.  It allows for some LRP at the end of a working day and during as it incorporates the work being done here.

If there is enough help on a semi regular basis it could be possible to make this place self-sufficient and self-supporting.  In exchange for help we are happy to run an ongoing scenario here and on line in real time so that you can be involved even if you can't be here.

Nemesis is the AI who was first created for Thunder in the Mountains.  As he can infiltrate any electronic circuitry or computer program he has also become the "brain" of the Tavern.  As the Tavern has been taken apart now as the house has been sold he has travelled to Old Castle and is working with Widget to protect the people of Planet Earth.

Work weekends aren't as serious as they sound...  We are trying to tie any help here into roleplaying so that makes it fun was well.  

Widget the puppet Frixian has been put away in a suitcase since we moved.  We took the puppet out a couple of times for a visit to Oakwood and Saundersfoot.  Oakwood was a disaster!  The place is really run down and the high point was when we stopped for a drink at the cafe (very over priced) and a little boy came over.  It was his birthday and meeting Widget was a high point.  He was able to tell someone it was his birthday.  His parents were very embarrassed when they found out that Widget wasn't staff but very relieved that their little boy had something to interact with as he was obviously having a very dull day.  It was a turning point.  I'd taken Widget to see if it was worth continuing with the story and with the puppets and the look on his face and his frown turned to a smile, that was enough.  So thank you little boy.

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