Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... - OLD CASTLE WILD CAMPING
Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -
OLD CASTLE is what it has been called for many years.  By what I have found out so far it was a castle, built in the 1100s.

The bottom two fields in the map really do look like they were once a castle.  They are on two levels and surrounded by ancient trees.  

The bottom right hand corner gives fabulous views of the estuary.

The top square is a "hidden valley".  Where there is a dividing mark there is a canyon.  This is fenced off from the rest of the land and leads down to a stream which is our boundary with Green Castle Woods.  This area is very "fey" and has been left alone for a very long time so it has become very mossy and pretty.

The long field is on a slope and leads to the lump at the bottom which is the dog walking field.  If you are bringing dogs with you then we ask that you walk them here and pick up any mess and put it in the bins provided.

This is a privately owned home.  We are not a "site" as such.

We do live on a private road.  Obviously you can have access to here and we are able to provide a car park.  

There are no toilets at the time of writing this but we do offer the use of a portapotty in a toilet tent if needed.  If there is enough interest (and some help!) then we would happily put in composting toilets.  Previously we have been sharing a cess pit with our neighbour.  At the time of writing this they are trying to cut us off from it saying that it is broken.  If we have to put our own in then we will put it in with the capacity to have a toilet block here.  It is a development we hadn't anticipated but if we have to do the work anyway, it might as well be for another reason as well.  

The goats are clearing the place gradually and they have opened up many of the paths which were overgrown for years.  If you are hiring the place then we can arrange for the goats to stay in for the weekend.  Alternatively, if you don't need the top field they can be allowed to graze in there.

Dogs are welcome BUT you must pick up the dog mess as it is very dangerous for the goats.  We have a dedicated dog field which we use for our dogs and you are welcome to walk your dogs there.  Please keep dogs on a lead at all times.

As mentioned, we are not a site as such.  We have a lovely place which we are willing to share if it would be the perfect place for something you would like to do.  We have 28 days on offer, 14 of which can be for motorised vehicles i.e. trials bikes and the like.

The price is negotiable as we are happy to offer cheaper "rental" if you are willing to come and do some work for us and make the place better for yourselves and others.  

To book please contact

Camping costs £10/person/night
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