Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... - Of fairies and fairy trees...
Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -
Of Fairies and Fairy Trees..

The fairy realm has been here much longer than we have.  It is said that the fey gather around trees, with gnomes gathering around the tree roots.  So with ancient trees here we decided we ought to be careful of them.

There are many stories about ancient trees and the fairies who inhabit them.  So, do we have fairy trees here?  It is certainly old enough and has been undisturbed for many years.  

One of the first nights I was here I took Oscar for a walk down the field which is the old castle.  We were down the bottom, known as "Estuary Field" until we can find a better name for it and I felt something.  It was so ancient that I decided to leave it alone and we went back to the caravan very quickly.

It is said that fairy trees can be a gateway or a fairy door.  Many ancient sacred sites have a custom of tieing ribbons or personal items onto a tree they believe to be a fairy tree.  As to whether any are here, or which ones are, that could be interesting to find out.

In British Fairy Lore there are three primary magical woods.  Oak, Ash and Thorn.  We have all three here.

It is said that to if you carry an acorn it will bring protection and luck, as they are around at the moment it could be a good time to find out.  


The oak tree is very slow growing.  The tiny self seeded ones here don't stand much chance as the goats will no doubt find them.  

Oak trees represent longevity and strength.  The fairies are said to be very protective of this tree.  So when we saw the BT lines through oak trees and they had no wayleave we asked that they were removed.  One pole has to go on the neighbour's property.  It was originally sited where it would have meant cutting the branches of one of our oak trees.  So we asked if the pole could be sited elsewhere.  BT and the neighbours thankfully agreed.


In Norse Mythology the Ash is referred to as the Tree of Life.  Incense made from its bark is said to bring about prophetic dreams.  It is also a portal between the mortal realm and the fairy realm, also a link between heaven and earth.  Small twigs are said to be a protection against unwanted influences.  They are supposed to be placed in the four corners of your home.  They can also be used to craft Ash wands.

An ancient Ash tree came down last year in the winds.  We had originally hoped that someone would make a storytelling chair out of it but at the moment it is likely that it will be cut up to make the seats for the Healing Circle in the Healing Labyrinth.

We may consider providing wood for making fairy doors out of this tree if there is any interest.  Please email me on if you are interested in one.  If you would like to make a donation and pay for postage we would happily send you a piece.


This tree is commonly referred to by those who know as the fairy tree.  It is said to be a popular meeting place.  If it is allowed to grow without being cut or pruned it is said to bring luck.  This is a little unnerving as there is one in the new goat pen so no doubt that will get a little "pruned". 

There are a few hawthorns here so we are hopefully blessed by the fey.


I've heard of a wood somewhere where people put fairy doors.  There is a portion of this woodland here that is fenced off.  It would be lovely to put some fairy doors there.  It has been "abandoned" for many years and leads down to a stream and is surrounded by other woodland.  it has a mystical aspect to it.  The fallen trees are covered in moss and it is a very pretty place.

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