Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... - Scarecrow Competition
Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -


Making a Scarecrow can be fun.  Your scarecrow can be as complicated or as simple as you like.
If you would like to make a "body" for your scarecrow then you can dress him or her every year!
There are different classes:
Junior (children under 14)Senior (anyone over 14)Scary (Horror Scarecrow)Friendly (Worzel Gummidge(TM))
Scarecrows can be as complex as you like.  If you need hay for stuffing your scarecrow you can buy some from us for £5 plus P&P if you are not near enough to pick some up.  
If you come along on one of our "stuffing days" then for your £5 you will also get a cup of tea and a cake!

This has escalated a bit so we now invite you to make your scarecrow and take photos of him or her in interesting places to put on our Facebook Page or group!  You are still welcome to bring or send your scarecrow here or if you are making a body, keep him or her and send us photos every year!  
Please sign up for this now and bring your scarecrow (or send him or her) to arrive with us no later than 1st May 2020.

The photographs of these scarecrows will go on our Facebook Group so that everyone can vote on which one they think is the best in each category. 

We invite people who are attending here to meet in Green Castle Woods car park at 1pm for a walk in the woods with your scarecrow, a visit to Green Castle Community Farm and if you would like to continue your walk past the Art on a Wire, Poetry on a Post, Memorial Tree and Pet Cemetery you could possibly end your walk at the Pub in Llangain or continue on to Llansteffan Beach and Castle.  

We welcome scarecrows left here to help us scare crows or you can take your new friend with you on your walk and put photos on our group on Facebook.

2020's Competition is supporting Cancer Research.  Please buy your clothing for your Scarecrow from the Cancer Reaserch Shop.

Entry on the day will require you to produce a receipt for the clothing your scarecrow is wearing.

Please fill out the form below if you would like to enter this competition.

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