Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... - Serenity Gardening Club
Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -

When I bought this place it wasn't just for me.  I bought it with a plan of people coming together to grow vegetables and to enjoy cooking and eating them.  It was a place full of possibilities but life got in the way so that now two years later it is time to really get started.

The ground is good, there is plenty of compost from the goats and we have a bus service to just at the end of the track.

There is a huge field here which would make a great allotment style vegetable patch with some raised beds for the disabled to help out too.  I've bought a second hand caravan.  It is a bit of an old one but it is at least a bit of shelter and somewhere to have a cup of tea if the cooker works!

We are on a tight budget but we want to keep Membership free.  We do need to survive and that is where we hope that the Members will help too.  The idea is veg boxes and selling veg at markets etc if we can produce that much.  The area is certainly big enough.

This is a club you can visit any time, meet up with your friends and just "be" here.

We plant, we harvest and then it is veg box time!

The idea is that as we have lower overheads we can offer reasonably priced veg boxes to those who need them.  

We are hoping for a place which will be a place to meet others with a like mind, try things out and grow things.  I've books and a few tools but we will have to manage and get hold of what we can.  All part of the fun.

Serenity needs a crew...
You are needed here...

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