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Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -


When I look out over what was once the castle, now just a field and see the goats, laying in the sun, chewing the cud contentedly then I know that they have found their home.

Sometimes things happen in life and situations change.  That is nobody's fault.  That someone cares may lead them to sell, give away or send their animals to a sanctuary, never to see them again when they get into what could be a temporary situation that is causing distress to the goats.  That is heartbreaking for the animal and the owner.

When things get better you can't just get your friends back.  You can get new friends but why should you have to?

Serenity Goats started about ten years ago when I bought the last two goats from Zillah Aston's Anglo Nubian herd.  

She was unwell and had to part with all her goats as she could not look after them anymore.  Her others had been easy to sell, these two were not so welcome.  The two were brought to the old house by Mel Holdbrook.  They were lovely girls but they were a bit older than I'd hoped to buy.  They were the two she loved and perhaps kept because of that.  They were not the best of goats commercially but I loved them.

I didn't care, I had the honour of having her two girls and I gave them a good home.  It was very sad when the passed away many years later.

But, what if it had been a temporary illness and she could have got better?  She would have lost her girls for nothing.  It wasn't, she was severely ill.

About six years ago when I had my hip replacement I was in that position so I know first hand what it feels like.  

My husband was having an affair so we split up as he didn't want to keep driving from London to Wales.  I needed a hip replacement and the pain was getting unbearable.  My Mother was severely will with cancer and had moved to Wales to be nearer to me and that was just after dad had died a year or so earlier.  I didn't want to lose my goats so I rented my house out to a couple in a hurry and they looked after the goats as best they could.  That couldn't continue as they hadn't been clear how disabled they were so for their own safety they had to leave.  My mother passed away and the disabled helpers moved out.  I hired a neighbour to help out so I knew that the animals would be looked after if I couldn't cope.  Unfortunately his demands at home meant that he wasn't able to offer the promised help.  So I hired another couple.  It was expensive but I kept my goats.

A couple of years ago I decided to leave the area.  I sold both houses and made a loss as maintenance and trying to sort them out had taken all my inheritance.  I had to pay back the ex husband's father for a gift of £200,000 he'd given us so I left the place having lost about £150,000 plus.

Where I moved to was amazing and a true gift for the goats.  I may have to live in a caravan now with all the stigma and complications that go with it but the goats are happy.  They have a 100ft barn and 35 acres!  I have few regrets other than the money would have been very useful now and it is a bit hand to mouth.

Nine years ago I had the great honour to meet Anne and John May.  They were extremely kind and gave me a pair of Arapawa Goats.  

The obvious progression is for us to become a goat sanctuary to ensure that the Arapawas are protected for years to come.  Later to put the land into trust when it is a charity and to do the best we can for the animals in our care.

They have put up with a fair bit with the upheavals but those we have made it to the promised land.

There are plenty of animal shelters but what about one that specifically looks after goats temporarily as well as rescuing if necessary.  We would be rescuing the Goat Mums and Dads.

For a donation we could look after the goats and also try to help those who need us to get back on their feet and be reunited with their goats.

In the meantime they would be able to visit and help to care for their goats if they are able to, walk them, spend time with them and eventually when the time comes, take them home again.

We are inviting those who would like to help to be put on file.  All they would need is a reference from a vet etc, a secure location for the goats and information on the health of their own herd e.g. CAE Tested.  We are also looking for people who would be willing to look after people's goats at their own home.  For this we would need a CRB check, references etc.

We can take in rescues too but this is a last resort.  We are setting up facilities to take in goats who are not our own herd as guests do not join the main herd as it would be too upsetting for them to make friends and then have to leave.  If a goat is here as a permanent guest then that goat may be introduced to the herd long term.

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