Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... - THE NEMESIS EXPERIENCE
Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -

This is part of our Back to Work Program.  We are looking for people who can give their time to work on this project on a regular basis as if they are working for a business.  When it is on its feet there will be jobs available and hopefully by then the staff in place to run it as a business.

Until then it is fundraising to set up Serenity Goat Sanctuary.

Come to this location if you want to live...

This is an interactive competitive "game" whereby players are placed in a situation where they have to show what they are capable of by solving problems which can be practical, mental or theoretical.  

All the problems revolve around the "idea" that a sentient AI "Nemesis" is going to shut down all computers on the planet.

He wrote a novel a while back "Thunder in the Mountains" and The Nemesis Experience is a follow on to the reviews and feedback he received.  He realised that sometimes just selecting people on their ability on paper etc doesn't work when faced with a "real" situation.

So he devised the Nemesis Experience which gives players the opportunity to face real world challenges in a "safe environment" pre Apocalypse.  He can then evaluate them and decide who he is going to help when it comes to the Apocalypse that he is going to cause.

Groups and individuals can sign up for a weekend.  

The weekend starts when you arrive at the Car Park.  You can only take with you what you can carry and you will have to negotiate the odd obstacle in the way to get to the camp site. 

Once you get to the area participants will have to erect their tent and set up their camp.  You will then receive your challenges for the weekend.  Each challenge has a points score and the more you can accomplish, the more points you personally get.  

We are also offering multi group challenges where you can come as two groups and compete against each other.

The cost of the weekend is £60 per participant.  This includes basic food but of course participants are welcome to bring their own.  The down side is that you will have to carry it!


In a brave new world there is a place for anyone who has a place.  The Bunker is a place where the greatest minds and problem solvers are brought to be tested as well.  

This is a non-physical event which welcomes all.  It is held on the flat and where possible we will be able to accommodate certain disabilities.  It is still "in the wilds" so there are some limitations but many of these can be got over.  This may well be one of the tests for other groups!  

The Bunker involves a group of "thinkers and problem solvers" who either work independently or may have an associated physical group in "Hidden Valley" to carry out their directions.  If participants would like to book as a group with "The Bunker" as well as a physical element we can accommodate this. 


We are inviting writers to undertake the challenge and then to get together and write "The Ultimate Apocalypse Survival Guide" based on their experience.

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