Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... - The Broom Cupboard
Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -

I have always been fascinated by dolls and it was amazing to learn about poppets and their uses.  As well as being attractive gifts and something lovely to own they do have magical uses but I suggest that you read up on that if you are interested. 

My friend Lucya Starza has written a book "Poppets and Magical Dolls" and you can learn more there.  

Poppets are ideally made by yourself and made with intent and bits and pieces relevant to what you are intending to do.  But, you can buy them if you don't have the time or the skill. 

They are made in the spirit of love and light and with the hope that they will bring health and happiness to whoever buys them and whoever they are given to.  If you would like something specifically made for you then please purchase a "blank doll" and let me know the colour and intent.  I'll then email you a suggestion for the charms to be put on it and I can make it up for you.

The dolls are stuffed with synthetic fibre as this is hypoallergenic.  If you would like a doll made and stuffed with our sheeps' wool then please let me know.

These are the creations I have made.  They are for sale on Ebay and I will include the link.  If they are sold then I can make you a similar doll.  They are never identical as they are hand cut and hand made.


If you would like one made please tell me the colour, theme, type of symbol and if you would like herbs put in the poppet I can do that.

Please email me at

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