Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... - The Frixian Story
Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -
The Frixian Story

The above link is to a novel which has already been written.  It is available on Amazon (self published).

In the beginning...

Back at the dawn of time, before mankind walked the Earth on two feet, the Frixians, the "Deranith Keralir" came across time and dimensions to the newly forming world.

They were a powerful race then, commanding huge ships and crossing the galaxies by skipping dimensions and time.  They are virtually immortal as they age so slowly after they reach puberty.

As mankind evolved they took a step back to watch the new race.  They saw no place for themselves on the tiny ball of rock developing on the fringes of the great civilisations far too far for other races to visit easily.  They stepped back but they kept watching even though they were ethereal in the World's dimension and unable to physically have any effect on the World.

There were no Goblians at that time.  They were yet to be created.  They came later.

Kelys Elanon, one of the original Frixians to visit Earch used to visit on a regular basis, using it as a holiday home.

It was on one of these visits that she was in the house of a fisherman.  The fisherman and his wife were arguing over the amount of fish that were being caught.  The wife said they had enough.  Enough to eat and enough to trade.  The fisherman wanted more.  He was spending more and more time out at sea, missing his children growing up.  That caught Kelys' attention and she began to spend more time just watching the family.

He had two little children, a boy and a girl, who cried every time he left.  Their tears of sadness turned to anger as they grew a little.  They heard their mother's words imploring their father to be around for them a little more.  They also heard that their father didn't truly need to be away so much.

Rather than the hand made dolls that their mother had made with love he had brought back fine toys which were supposed to make up for him being away.  They had left the beautiful house in the woods that their father's father had built for them and they had moved into a house "more suitable to their father's new financial status".   They hated it, it was big, cold and impersonal.

One day when the father returned he found his children playing with the old toys that he had commanded his wife to throw out.  He flew into a rage and threw the toys into the fire.  He stormed out, intent on telling his wife exactly what he thought of her for ignoring his words.  

The children tried to grab their beloved toys out of the fire after he had gone.

While the couple argued the children pulled the toys from the fire.  The flames crackled and snapped.  The sparks flew into the room carried by black and green wicked creatures who had sparked into creation from the father's cruel words and deeds.

The fire snapped at the room, the sparks flourishing into flame and the room burnt.  The children, terrified, cowered under the bed and waited to die.  The flames were so great that they couldn't get to the door, their screams were unheard over the raised voices and tempers downstairs.

Kelys watched, powerless as the flames came closer and closer to the beloved children she had watched for so long.  She reached her ethereal arms but she could do no good.

As the couple continued to argue the room and the children burnt.  The flames spread and the house burnt.  All that the man had craved for was burnt to ash and as he realised what had happened his wife ran off into the night.  She didn't look back.  She ran back to the woods and back to their old house which was a decayed ruin as it hadn't been cared for.

She sat in the ruined house as the rain lashed at the slipped slates and through the broken windows.  She had all but given up on life when she saw a forgotten toy in the corner, a rag doll.  She grabbed it and held it close.  Her tears fell unchecked onto the dusty old doll that she had made with love all those years ago.  She cried for her lost children and as her tears fell on the toy a bond was formed.  The first Frixian was connected to the first toy, bound by a joint grief over the lost children. The toy formed the first connection between human and Frixian.  So it was that Kelys was able to speak to her and over the hours that followed she got the human to dry her tears and to stand up.

In the nearest village there was an elderly Toymaker.  He was alone, his wife and son had died that very year.  The woman took the doll and walked to his house and knocked on his door, intructed as to what to do by the Frixian.  

The Weaver of Dreams, an ancient dragon, watched over her as she had walked so wolf and bear had left her alone.  Her wings spanned over the woman kept her safe.  So it was that she was able to make that journey through the darkest part of the wood and to knock on the Toymaker's door and from that day onwards she helped the Toymaker to make toys which were inhabited by other Frixians who now could protect the children that they cared about.

After the first Goblians were created more came into being as did the Goblian King.  Every harsh word that was uncalled for brought another into being.  Every wicked deed brought another slimy creature.

But, every gift of a toy which was given with love brought another Frixian into the world...

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