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Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -
Onnellinen's Garden

Many years ago when I studied at the College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington I discovered Colour Therapy.  

At the time there were many new and exciting Therapies which were being discovered.  Only now can we tell the longevity of these subjects post Millennium.

Colour Therapy has always been one of my favourites as it has a quick response and is already utilised all over their world as a way of inspiring attitudes.  I attended a Workshop and it did make me think of my nearly all black wardrobe.  But, when you work in an office and wear a suit, black is practical.  The idea of wearing red knickers for confidence has stuck with me over the years and I still think of stressful and difficult days as being "Red Knicker Days".

Certain colours have a different and specific effect on the senses and the emotions.  When this is accepted and experienced it is then possible to manipulate the senses by introducing colour.  It is a lot of why people are happy in nature which is green or in the ocean which is blue/green.  

There will be a lot here shortly once I've had a chance to "remember" and to research.  But the bottom line is that if we put in a garden of the senses it will help those with certain issues.

Life has moved on and so have many of the therapies.  I remember one therapy which I found fascinating but the logistics of it made it very difficult for those who wanted to share it with others.  It had been discovered by a blind person and involved dual colour bottles with coloured water and coloured oil.  The two would of course stay separate and the client would be able to choose those which "called to them" from a vast array of combinations.  Sadly a more commercial aspect got a grip and as the bottles had to be changed regularly I believe that the therapy did not do well.

Colour Therapy in its basic form cannot be denied.  Hospitals are painted in certain colours to relax patients, other colours are used in advertising.  It works, you can't knock it.  So how do we use it and why am I writing about it... because in a garden we have the perfect sensory situation where those who need to "heal" can find solace.

Why "Onnellinen's Garden"?  We once had a lovely dog called Onnellinen which means Happiness in Finnish.  She was a Finnish Lapphund who was indeed always "happy".  Sadly she passed away and it seemed a fitting memorial to her to name the garden after her.  So it will be the "Happiness Garden".

We have a long way to go with it of course.  I truly wish my father was still alive.  He would have told me exactly what to do and when and with what.  But sadly he died many years ago, just when I started on my agricultural quest.  So, we will have to recruit someone.  Someone will have to come and join us and that will be their job, their interest and we hope the "dream job" for someone.  Of course to start with they will have to be a Volunteer.  That just means that they can start now and we can become a "crew" earlier!

Nature literally provides the rainbow and every colour in it.  Of course plus Ultra Violet and Infra Red.  Blessed is Ultra Violet at the moment and its bacteria busting properties!

Colour has a vibration so whether you are sighted or not being in an environment with a certain colour can have an effect.  That is quite a statement.  It is the statement we hope to prove by our own research.  We are designing the garden for the senses.  Not just colour, we are working with sound, touch and smell.  

My research is colour so of course I'm going to promote that but we'll be looking for therapists who work with other aspects.  I remember at College discussing the matter with someone who had written a book on sound and how that has an effect.  It is indeed a very multi complex situation to explore.

For the planning stage physically we are thinking about the blind.  A hemp rope which will lead them and those we blindfold around the garden and we are hoping for little voices to speak up with the information about what there is so that everyone can know.  We can include Technology, it all depends who finds their way here.

I'm on a refresher course of reading at the moment.  I've forgotten most of what I knew but the book I found seems to be very in depth and technical.  Colour Healing Manual by Pauline Wills.

We will be searching for the right Therapists to work with the garden as well as inviting guest Therapists to work from here.  That is the plan and we will have to work around the challenges that Covid has thrown our way.

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