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Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -
Are you a Wildling at heart?

No I don't mean in the Game of Thrones way of do you live beyond the wall... 

Does the "scent of the wild" make you feel emotions or is it just wet grass to you?  

Mankind has evolved over the Millennia from a hunter/gatherer to a farmer and now we cage ourselves in the myriad of boxes we call offices, we sit and we stare at a computer screen being more cerebral than hunter.  We can hunt in many ways and for many that is perfect, they are happy, content and they thrive on the stress of its own "chase and kill", the challenge of solving a problem.  

This is where paths diverge and it doesn't mean that if you have a wildling heart you can't be just as good in the office.  It just means that part of your spirit will feel "trapped" and crave solace of the trees, fields or water.  

When you accept that and nurture that spirit by finding that solace on occasion you can have both, the "good" career and the release from that "inner call" that can be so destructive and disruptive.

If you love the Countryside and respect wild areas then by living in the town or city you are honouring that love.  You still deserve your "time" in the wild but you don't need to live there.  Indeed, if you do it often happens that you stop noticing it.  

At my old place there was a hill behind the house and the spinning washing line was half way up that hill.  I'd hang the washing, taking care to peg everything carefully but then one day I looked up.  I realised that I'd forgotten to look.  I'd stopped noticing the beauty and mundane had taken over.

Similarly in my time in London, working in the City.  The routine of work, a nice wine bar, a nice restaurant became the "norm".  I didn't notice the "Naturesickness" that had crept up on me.  I thought I was "happy" but there was something "nibbling at my ankles", something missing.  It began to feel like a physical loss and I couldn't work out what it was.  I had my weekends away at the Scout camp helping out and on "events" and I always seemed to feel better for a few days afterwards but then it would feel worse, thankfully at one point at the time I went away again!

But, what about those who don't do that?  What about the individuals who sit at the desk, enjoy the lifestyle and don't get the freedom?  There is only one way to find out if you "think" you are a "Wildling".  The problem is that the "Country" is full of dirty, smelly things that get you mucky and you step in things that have come out of the rear end of something or the other.  The Countryside is not neat like magazines, well parks are but I'm talking the wilds.  Things bite, scratch and sting.  That is the test, that is how you "know".  If you don't mind you are in the right mind.  If you do mind then you had better mind your manners and place yourself where it is "easier" and you aren't a wildling.  Bless it, accept it and visit the park as often as you can.  

It is a theory I'd like to try out.  It came to me this morning, Earth?  water?  Woodland?  Does this relate to an Astrological Sign?  Is there any correlation between the "element" of your sign and how you feel about nature?  What I mean is that some people feel better near the sea, some in woodland, some in grassland, some in the sun...  What makes you feel better? 

Feeling "Better" now that is a comment.  Do you think of yourself better as being "well" or is being well, wellbeing in that you feel confident and you are happy in your own skin?  

Does being out there in the wilds make you feel incredibly tiny or incredibly linked to something that "is".  Like the fungus threads what fill a forest are you linked to something bigger or brought to feel so tiny in the great plan wherein such a tiny thing is always so very, very important.

It took lots of tiny things to bring this planet to the verge of ruin.  The clock isn't ticking, it has environmentalists and activists hanging onto that hand and physically holding it back off of midnight at the moment.  The Four Horsemen are riding - Death... Pestilence... War... Famine...  The trumpets have sounded and it all sounds very "End of Days".  

I remember the chap who used to walk up and down Oxford Street with a sign board.  I didn't think he was "nuts", I began to question why he would say such a thing.  All part of the journey...

There are images that stay with you.  I was queueing at my favourite sandwich shop (probably a comment for posterity in the "new normal") on a crowded street and I looked up.  I have no idea why I did but up there in the ancient architecture there was a plant growing out of a crack in the building.  It was such a statement that it doesn't matter what we build we could be gone and nature would take it all back.  The smallest root can grow and break concrete.  It was profound and it made me think, yes it does matter what you say and do.  You never know who you will influence or what you will do yourself.

Nature and the wild places do have an energy, the earth's energy and by going there you can recharge your batteries without taking anything from them.  Plants clear a lot of the nasties we put into the atmosphere, the biosphere is a lot smarter than we are and it was created over the years to be able to cope.  It can evolve and we should remember that when we are continuing to be a virus and a problem!

Before you think of rushing into that woodland, using the rules to put your foot in the green door and building your house, think about what you are doing.  You may think you are being "green" to use aspects like One Planet Development but there will be a house where there was something green before.  If everyone did that, there would be no green, no wild places...  you would become the monster you have campaigned against all your life...  

There was a time where people mostly lived in towns and villages and they feared the wild places.  The wolf, the bear and the faeries saw to that.  When mankind feared the fey he or she didn't venture into the wilds other than on the brightest of days and with good intent, often bringing and leaving gifts for the occupants of the trees.  

We expect the forest to be our playground and whoever owns it to prepare a suitable place for our perambulations and amusement.  Paths are neatened and Risk Assessments done, any branch that could be a threat removed whether the tree wants it gone or not.  We tidy nature, we control nature and make neat woodlands managed to perfection for the enjoyment of the General Public...

We are blessed to have a "wild place" here.  Beyond the "fence" like beyond the wall the Wildlings have their place and I would not touch it.  I would not neaten it.  I see the beauty in the moss on the fallen wood and the elements can make it what it should be.  After all it has been like that longer than I've been around so what right do I have.  So I apologise if it isn't shrink wrapped and presented to the public.  You can see it, from a distance but it will be the place of the true Wildlings...

Well that is a bit of rambling and I'd better go and do some work...

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