Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... - WELCOME
Knowledge without wisdom is a loaded gun... -


Thank you for visiting my web site.

This is a place for my personal writing now and novels.

I was using this for the Community Farm I'm setting up but it does need its own website and I can't keep up with all the new ideas and how it is evolving on more than two sites!  So this one got a bit "left behind".  Things are slower at the moment because of the virus but various offers have been made to Organisations so that we can either become part of a larger organisation or other options.  Whichever is chosen will ensure this place is protected for the future and so that any work done here by volunteers will be valuable for the future.  I do not expect anyone to work on "my" land so the best way to sort that out is either to put it in Trust or give it away to another Organisation so that we have the right to live here for life etc.

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